The Reciprocating Saw also known as a “Sawzall” is a very versatile electric tool with many uses and application. The best reciprocating saw at any given time is fitted with the right blade for the job at hand. A reciprocating saw is a popular tool used by many handymen because it can cut through tough materials with ease. It is also a useful tool to have at home for the avid DIY.

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How Fast Can A Reciprocating Saw Cut?

A key consideration when choosing the best reciprocating saw for your purpose is the cutting speed. Cutting speed is determined by how may strokes the saw can produce in a minute and is measured in SPM (strokes per minute). A higher number is preferable to get the job done faster. Reciprocating saws either come with a single speed setting or a variable speed.

Best reciprocating saws typically have a variable speed with minimum and maximum setting. The adjustable variable speed is either through trigger sensitivity or through a dial. It allows the user to control the speed of the reciprocating saw to match the cutting action. The harder the speed trigger is squeezed, the faster the blade moves. When using a variable speed saw, it is better to allow the saw to attain its highest speed before cutting.

Other Accessories For The Best Reciprocating Saw:

Safety goggles or glasses.
Dust masks to prevent breathing dust created while sawing.
A carrying case, to help protect the tool from damage.
Extra batteries for the cordless reciprocating saw