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Pros: The tub and lid are pretty much all that needs cleaned after use. Also, the controls are pretty simple to use and the device is very quiet too.
Cons: You cannot control the temperature

Everyone today has become health conscious and making healthy choices every chance they get. One great healthy ingredient that can be used independently or in combination with various other things to make a healthy choice is yogurt.  Till now the only choice was either to take the time consuming route to make healthy yogurt at home or to buy expensive yogurt being sold in the market.

To help you with choosing and eating right and healthy Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic with Automatic Cooling  will help you in making delicious & nutritious yogurt with a choice of your own flavor  right at home  without consuming a lot of time as it is automatic. It gives you the flexibility of creating yogurt of different flavors with ordinary milk, fat free, or soy milk.

The operation of the Yogurt maker with Auto Cool feature is very simple as all it takes to get healthy and nutritious yogurt at the touch of a button in the flavor of your choice.

Just add milk, flavors, suggested active cultures. Select the time and push start. Now just wait to let this Electronic maker with Auto Cool feature work its magic and turn the milk into yogurt automatically. Once the yogurt is set the maker will automatically switch off and maintain a cool temperature till the unit is switched off.  Now your delicious, healthy yogurt is ready to serve cold just on its own or making a fantastic dish with the yogurt.

Features That Make The Product Unique

Simple operation: Start and stop the Cuisinart CYM-100 at the touch of a button.

Sleek Product design: the product is elegantly designed in stainless steel, thereby making it easier and comfortable to use.

Large capacity: The product consists of 50 ounce yogurt container which can make up to six 8 ounce servings of yogurt at one go.

Auto cooling mode: The most innovative feature of the machine is the auto cool feature which helps to start cooling the yogurt once the cycle of making it is completed and maintains the temperature till the machine is switched off. This feature sets it apart from all the other yogurt makers.

Perfect timing: The product is provided with an LED time display, which helps you to control the time required, without checking it manually and adjust it according to the needs of the recipe you are looking to make.

Desired Results: You will get a perfect ounce of yogurt /ice cream with the brilliant maker. Yes, it makes ice cream too.

Easy to maintain: It is easy to clean and maintain. All that is required to clean it is a little warm water and soap or place it in the dishwasher. Use a damp cloth to wipe the base and dry it immediately. Make sure to follow the routine as it will not allow any particles to be deposited on the maker thereby adding life and allowing you the pleasure of having perfect plain or flavored yogurt for a long, long time.

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