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Pros: This is a great value for your money. You can prepare everything and leave it on until it is done. Ensure that you have the feeder stock at room temperature. You can have the most delicious and healthy yogurt. The device is so simple to use.
Cons: There is no major cons as we see based on the price of the product itself.

If you are considering making homemade yogurt, you can rely on the Dash Go Yogurt Maker.  Dash has made a commitment to help people make better their health through home products which will enable them to prepare homemade foods easily, conveniently and fast. These home products include the yogurt maker. This device is simple to use, lightweight and portable enough to bring anywhere. It is so easy to make your own yogurt. In fact, there are lots of reviews that could prove how wonderful and worthy an investment this device is as attested by many consumers. This Dash go bulk yogurt maker review will help you learn more about the product.

While many people have become more conscious of their health, they have decided to be more careful when it comes to their food choices. They have considered preparing their own food including their yogurt and have been thinking to find the best yogurt that would meet their needs and fit their budget as well. While there are plenty of brands to consider, these brands come with different features and designs available and their corresponding prices as well. But it is not difficult to find the best maker for you as the best would be the most durable, not necessarily expensive, but meets all your expectations and at the same time suits the budget. The Dash is your ideal choice.

If you are making just one flavor at a time, using a single jar would be more convenient. While it is portable, it is pleasantly attractive as well. There may be complaints how any yogurt that is not milk based do not set well but you can actually resolve this only if you make sure you monitor the time as it has no automatic shut off as it has no timer.

While the unit’s incubation vessel could serve as another container for storage, its performance is remarkable and the temperatures are kept at levels appropriate for fermenting milk and most of all, it produces delicious food, making the purchase a good investment.

Key Features of Dash Go Yogurt Maker

-Preparation is quick; it takes only about 10 minutes at the most.

-The unit was designed to be able to produce fresh homemade yogurt within 12 hours.

-It comes with a single glass jar which can handle up to seven assorted flavors.

-The device comes with a timer that indicates how many times are left for the preparation.

– There is an on and off switch with a light indicator that is easy to use.

-With the unit having a UL- approved design, you know you have made the right choice. You will find an electronic interface with timer, and seven jars 8-oz. with BPA-free lids.

Dash Go Bulk Yogurt Maker Review 

This is a great value for your money.  You can prepare everything and leave it on until it is done. Ensure that you have the feeder stock at room temperature. You can have the most delicious and healthy yogurt. The device is so simple to use.

The device works well. It keeps the mix at 100 degrees. Then you unplug the unit. The milk must be heated to 185 and let it cool down to 110. The starter and plug in the device. Pour the mix into the container and come back within 4-12 hours after to unplug the device. Place the container inside the fridge.

Cleaning is easy.  The device is able to maintain the right temperature for the yogurt even for many hours. While Greek yoghurt can be really expensive, you can now make your own. The milk needs to be heated and then add the commercial starter to produce 4 quarts.

While this unit is very compact, it can create great tasting yogurt fast. It is great value for the price. Straining the liquid is also easy. The maker is user-friendly and looks elegant on the kitchen top.  You can now create great tasting homemade foods.

Preparing the milk is easy as well as its culturing the entire night. By morning, your yogurt is done and it is good enough for a week’s supply. And you could create your own blend, mixing your flavors.

The Dash presents the easiest way to create delicious homemade foods. The preparation time takes only 10 minutes. After the preparation, the Dash does its job; it creates fresh and delicious yogurt within 8-12 hours. You can start at night and when you wake up, your yogurt is done.

You have the option whether to use organic milk, flavored, sweetened or whatever suits your taste and preference.  The Dash Maker may be a bit pricey but very good investment. It allows you to save money as you no longer have to buy yogurt but make one for yourself instead; healthier, more delicious and cost effective.

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