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Pros: It has flexible timer in 30 minute increments with auto shut off. Moreover it already comes with strainer no need to buy one or get unbleached coffee filters/cheese cloth/strainer.
Cons: The recipe disk is a bit basic and silly. It is however cute and a good way to get started quickly.

The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker is the right option for anybody looking for healthy probiotic homemade yogurt full of the goodness of calcium and other nutrients. Today, every one of us is looking for healthy choices to keep fit and improve the quality of our life. So if you get a device that offers you made to order yogurt in the flavor of your choice made conveniently in the comfort of your own kitchen you will jump to get it. If so, you will definitely find a desirable kitchen mate in the form of such a product that offers you a healthy choice. Reading the best dash geek Yogurt Maker Review would be wise before you buy such a product. This is an honest review you might be looking for.


  • Two containers with a capacity of 7 ounces and another of 7.5 Ounces are a good size to make a whole batch of fresh yogurt.
  • It consists of a timer with 30 minute increments, thus providing much needed flexibility.
  • It has built in auto shut feature so you don’t have to bother about timing.
  • It maintains 110 degree Fahrenheit temperature for a constant 8 to 12 hours.
  • The dash sever jar yogurt maker comes with a strainer thus there is no need to buy one or use cheesecloth.
  • It is easy to store because of its small size that can be stacked anywhere.
  • There is a specific storage space for storing the cord.
  • The inner container can easily be moved to the refrigerator without having to fight for space.
  • The product comes with a step by step guide to making the perfect yogurt. Follow the dash yogurt maker instructions.

Boil the milk you want to make the yogurt with. Allow it to cool to room temperature. The whole process takes about an hour. Just add the flavor you want along with the culture and put the mix in the dash yogurt maker jars (ie big or small) according to your requirement. Now set the timer and allow the curd to set. Once set you require putting the curd into the strainer and letting it be for 2 hours and a delicious homemade yogurt is ready. When using low fat milk decrease the incubation time if you don’t want the curd to become sour.

In spite of all these benefits of getting a perfect made to order plain, or flavored yogurt with full fat milk or skimmed and delicious yogurt there are a few things to be kept in mind. This is not a device where you just put the ingredients together and without having to do anything you get the stuff ready. There are small things that need to be done like preparing the milk, taking it out to strain and then seal it off. The 15 inch power cord is quite stubby.  Most reviews say that this product is effective for anyone finding something that can meet their needs. Buying such a product is worth the money.


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