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Pros: The build quality is nicer than others Yogurt Makers. It turns itself off. The cups are glass, not plastic, and you can easily use one large container instead of the cups, to make Greek yogurt. The price is reasonable.
Cons: Sometimes it cook the yogurt hotter which do make it to cool down first.

A wide range of kitchen appliances can be seen in Euro Cuisine. They have an Italian designed yogurt maker which works pretty well. Basically, the YMX650 is a yogurt maker and it’s an automatic appliance for making yogurts. You can make yogurts on your own and in your own house while providing a great deal of control for every ingredient in it.

The YMX650 is an amazing and a product that’s ahead among other automated yogurt maker in Euro Cuisine. You can see the difference from cheaper models in looks and in available features. YMX650 has a European theme which can be seen if you look at its design. The design is all European with a stainless steel all over giving it a clean and modern design. You can say that it’s capable of the job just by looking at it.

The YMX650 yogurt maker offers tons of features making it a practical and capable machine. One feature that’ll surely come in handy is the timer which is digital and the ability to shut down automatically. The timer can be set to at most 15 hours. YMX650 uses LED display to display the time remaining and the maturing duration. The device will make a beeping sound after incubation is completed.

Another unique feature includes additional storage, which is located in its lid. It’s a compartment located on the upper part of the device which is used for storing unused jars. This feature may not be crucial in the ‘picking the product to buy’ phase, but it’s still a handy feature.

Another handy feature is the calendar located on the lid of the yogurt jars. This will make it possible for you to mark each jar, it’ll help you identify the date when the contents of each jar are made. This will help you identify if the yogurt inside the jar is still safe or if it’s starting to get old.

This product comes with a standard 7 jars, 6 ounces each. It also comes with a warranty that covers up 3 years. Purchase also includes calendars per jar, operation instruction and storage for your power cord.

It can make 42 oz. of yogurt per batch. It also gives you the ability to control the sweetness, the consistency, the fat content and especially the flavor which will fit your taste. Since the machine is automatic, you can do other things while the machine prepares the yogurt.

In terms of technical specs, the machine has a motor with 13 watts. It comes with 7 jars which has a capacity of 42 ounces each. The calendar for the lid of each jar comes as standard which is handy if you want to keep track of the yogurts that you make, this helps prevent accidental consumption of bad and old yogurt. The storage compartment for each jar also comes with every standard unit. Use this to store your jars if you’re not planning on using them. You will find a storage compartment for your power cord that will make your counter clean and clutter free if you plan to store your device.

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