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Pros: 1) It performs its primary function well. 2) Large capacity. 3) Incubation vessel functions well as storage. 4) Included extras (thermometer and cheesecloth bag) provide pretty much everything you need to make great yogurt just the way you like it
Cons: 1) Cheap plastic incubator/storage. Would have preferred glass, even if it added $10 to the price. 2) Cheesecloth bag is difficult to work with. Would have preferred regular cheesecloth that would open flat to facilitate removing the strained yogurt.

Today the importance of being healthy is spreading like wild fire and everybody is getting on to the bandwagon of fitness and improved lifestyle for a longer life and improved quality of life. With the competition reaching a high point it is becoming increasingly necessary to keep stress at bay and increase your work potential. To fulfill the most important requirement to meet the increasing demands of lifestyle change more and more people are adopting healthy eating habits. One great way to include important nutrients in a healthy way to your diet is to include yogurt regularly in your diet. Although you will find wide ranges of products in the market, but this is a maker that can really meet your needs. There are some great features that make the product unique. This review will help you come up with the facts you need to know before you buy the item.

Now most people know the importance of yogurt in their diet, but are prevented from making a regular part of their diet due to constraints like typical yogurt available in the market is too expensive, the flavors offered are not to my liking, etc. Now for all you health freaks Euro Cuisine has come up with this cool machine called   Euro Cuisine YM260 2 quarts Electric which allows you to make tasty yogurt at home with minimum fuss.

The YM260 is about 10 inches in height with a diameter of about 7 inches. It comes with an outer jar which holds water and basically acts as the water bath. There is a little smaller inner basin, which will contain the milk while making the yogurt.

An instruction booklet is provided with the YM260 to help you to make the perfect yogurt. When you buy it, you also get a thermometer (stainless steel) with a clip, a bowl for serving the yogurt and cheesecloth to be used as a strainer if you want to make yogurt cheese. You can make up to 1 or 2 quarts of yogurt at one go depending on your requirement.

Boil the milk and allow it to cool to room temperature. Once the milk cools down add the flavors you want and add the culture to allow it to work its magic. Put the ingredients into the smaller basin with the outer jar filled with water. The outer jar will keep a constant temperature till the yogurt is set. Once the yogurt is set, you can store it in the smaller jar or divide it in smaller portions according to your requirement. The YM260 comes with a marker that marks the time when the yogurt will be ready. You just have to switch it off when the time is reached.

Euro Cuisine YM260 works like a real magic wand to provide you tasty and healthy yogurt in spite of a major handicap of this machine which is a lack of an auto shut feature because of which you have to remember to shut it off when the yogurt is done.


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