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Pros: This is a rice cooker, a digital steamer, a slow cooker and a low temperature yogurt maker in just one piece of equipment.
Cons: A little expensive but still its awesome features are worth the price.

A new innovation of VitaClay is now available. You can now have a 4 in 1 device on your kitchen. This is a rice cooker, a digital steamer, a slow cooker and a low temperature yogurt maker in just one piece of equipment. You can make batches of different yogurts enough for the whole family. Your recipes are flavor enhanced while the essential nutrients of your foods are preserved. Vita clay offers cookware that promotes healthy cooking. Their cookwares do not contain any lead, aluminum or chemical glazes.

The Smart Organic Multicooker by Vita Clay is easy to use and is totally programmable. This technological innovation of computerized clay heating is a remarkable culinary advancement. Using a cooking bowl made of 100% natural clay promotes consistent cooking. Micro pressure is created using double lid design to optimize steaming quality of the cookware to produce foods that are tender, juicy and flavorful aside from it reduces the cooking time along with the energy used by as much as 50%.  And so, you can prepare great dishes in just 30 minutes.

As the product is known for its slow cooking cookwares, what is does is it quickly boils any food by about four times more quickly than traditional slow cookers. It then lowers down the heat and allow the food to simmer appropriately. You can enjoy different functions feature of the multi cooker. You can cook stews, soups, rice, porridge, pot roast, vegetable steamer, fish steamer and many others. The possibilities are endless. The yogurt feature can also serve as a germinator for your brown rice.  This product is just great to use in preparing many different wholesome meals.

With this product, the food is flavorful without needing enhancement using additional salt, sugar or any other seasonings. There is proper moisture and heat circulation inside the cookware while cooking. Clay naturally serves as an insulator; it absorbs heat which allows food to be cooked evenly and slowly to bring out the different flavors of the ingredients and textures of the dish. Clay cooks at about 4x faster and keeps food warm for longer.

It helps neutralize the pH balance as it interacts with the acidity of the food. For instance, it can help to convert the highly acidic tomato sauce to become sweet instead. Foods that are cooked using the clay cookware are more flavorful and with great textures. A little change that they make in your diet and in your lifestyle can result to significant effects on your health. The technology helps you make some of these important changes while you are able to save your time and money as well.

The product allows you to cook healthily using the innovative advancement in cooking. This cookware can be completely programmed from 10 minutes to 5 hours using an increment of 10 minutes. It also comes with a delay timer along an automatic warm once the cooking done. The LCD and the clock are both easy to read.

If your primary concern is to have healthy but delicious recipes, this cookware is what you need.  The key is using the slow cooking cookware made from organic clay working in combination with a computerized temperature balance to intensify the genuine flavors as well as the textures of different foods.

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