4 Tips For Keeping Your Car Runing Well All Year Long

This post was last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 04:17 am

Routine car maintenance is important for all vehicles. You want your car to serve you well, however long you use it, in all sorts of weather. If you have a long commute to work, or you spend a lot of time on the road, you know how essential it is to keep your car in tip-top shape all year long.

Plus, if you decide to upgrade your vehicle, trade it in, or look for a new Ford for sale to replace your current car or truck, you’ll get a better deal if your vehicle is in good repair and running well.

Here are four easy tips that make keeping your car running well all year long.

1. Get Regular Oil Changes

Ensuring that you get the oil changed regularly in your car is an important maintenance step for every vehicle. Low oil levels can leave the engine vulnerable to overheating and friction if the pistons and other mechanical parts aren’t lubricated well. Old oil can clog up lines and result in poor performance or costly repairs.

Luckily for the average car owner, oil changes are quick and easy—whether you go to your dealership or a mechanic—and will save you money on costly repairs in the future. When you get an oil change, the mechanics will also check things such as air filters, running and brake lights, and other fluid levels so you know when you need to change these.

2. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Gas isn’t cheap, and your odometer will never go backward. Improving your miles per gallon can be as simple as keeping your tires properly inflated. Low air pressure increases drag, forcing the engine to work harder to propel the vehicle while driving, thus using up more fuel. Keeping your tires at the correct pressure allows for better traction, balance, and fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

3. Lighten Your Keychain

It may not seem like a big deal to have all those keys and keychain accessories on one ring, but experts advise against having more than a few items on your keyring. Why? Well, the added weight

and constant friction on your keyring while driving can actually damage your ignition switch over time.

Try keeping your ignition key on a separate ring or unclipping the extra keys and accessories while driving.

4. Get Regular Car Washes

As well as keeping the outside of your vehicle looking good, regular car washes also help extend the life and functionality of your car. Routine driving picks up all sorts of dust, debris, and other contaminants from the road, which can become jammed in the underside of your car or the engine housing.

If you live in an area where roads get salted in winter, that salt can also corrode your car’s metal parts over time. Car washes help scrub away that dirt and grime and improve your engine’s functionality and the frame’s lifespan.

Use These Tips To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly Year-Round

Routine checks and proper car care can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your vehicle, all while helping you avoid costly repairs down the line. These tips can help your car run smoothly all year long!