7 Storage Unit Organization Tips You Need to Know

This post was last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 03:40 am

Did you know that having a storage unit can make your life easier? Storage units have various uses, from storing seasonal items to protecting valuable furniture and treasured family heirlooms. Whatever the reason for getting a storage unit, they provide a convenient way of keeping your belongings safe and secure.

But it can become disorganized if you don’t organize your storage space correctly! Here are some helpful tips to help you optimize your storage unit and make the most of your space:

1.Take Inventory Before You Pack Anything 

Before you start packing up your stuff, taking inventory of what you put in the unit is important. It allows you to ensure that everything is accounted for and nothing important is left behind. It also lets you know what items will take up space in the unit and plan accordingly. 

In addition, it is a great idea to note what items are fragile and need extra padding when stored. A storage unit’s floor can sometimes be uneven, so anything fragile will need extra cushioning. For example, invest in some moving blankets or bubble wrap for extra protection. You should also ensure the storage facility you opt for provides insurance and is safe & secure. In the US, All Purpose Storage is one of the leading storage units providing complete security and safety. It has locations in New York, Connecticut, and Vermont and is known to offer the best storage solutions in the area.

2.Use Shelving and Racking Systems

Your storage unit should accommodate a wide range of shelves and racking systems. It can help you maximize the vertical space in your unit and provide you with more room to organize your items. Consider investing in some stacking plastic bins or drawers, which can be very helpful when trying to keep everything organized. As a bonus, these systems also help protect your items from dust and dirt. Furthermore, you can label each shelf or drawer to make it easier to find what you need. And if your storage unit has a ceiling, you can install hooks to hang items such as bikes, ladders, or other large items.

3.Utilize the Ground Space

If you are storing large and bulky items, keeping them at the back of the unit is best. They will not block access to your other items. For smaller items, consider using a stackable plastic tub with lids or plastic bins that can be labeled for easy identification. 

Consider using wooden crates or cardboard boxes to keep things organized to save money. However, be sure to cover any items stored on the ground with a tarp or blankets, as this could help protect them from moisture and dust. And if you are storing items with wheels, such as a lawnmower or wheelbarrow, be sure to use blocks or wedges to prevent them from rolling around.

4.Use the Walls

If your storage unit includes walls, you should use them to their fullest potential. Installing shelves or hooks along the walls is an excellent way to store items and save space. It also helps you keep small, loose things in one place. You can even hang paintings or other artwork in your unit. If you store bikes or other large items, consider installing a bike rack on the wall for easy access. Once the walls are removed, you can use the remaining space in your unit to store boxes or large items. You can also line the walls with a tarp or blankets for extra protection. Remember to use a level and measure twice to ensure the shelves or hooks are installed correctly.

5.Make Use of the Ceiling Space

The ceiling of your storage unit tends to be overlooked, but it can provide you with much-needed additional storage space. You can install hooks or baskets to hang items from the ceiling. It is especially helpful if you need to store items such as ladders, bikes, or other large items that can take up too much space on the floor. However, be sure to check the weight limit of your ceiling before hanging large items. A storage unit’s ceiling can be quite high and difficult to reach; for this reason, you may want to invest in a ladder or step stool to help you access items stored up high. However, be sure to secure the ladder or step stool in place before climbing it. Safety first! 

6.Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is never a good thing in any storage unit. Keep your space organized by looking at all your items and determining which items you no longer need. Get rid of anything broken, out-of-date, or simply taking up space to help you make the most out of your storage unit and prevent long-term damage to your items.

Determine what you can donate or throw away, from clothes to furniture and appliances, to help lighten the load and make storing the items you need easier. Also, remove any trash or unwanted items before closing the door on your unit. 

7.Invest in Security Features

Finally, you should invest in some extra security features to ensure your belongings are safe and secure. Look for a storage unit that includes a locking system or CCTV cameras. You can also install padlocks or other security devices outside your unit. It will help deter intruders and give you peace of mind knowing your items are safe. And remember to keep your keys or access codes in a secure place, away from anyone who might try to use them. In addition, be sure to check your storage unit regularly for any signs of tampering or damage. 

Final Words:

The key to organizing your storage unit is planning ahead. Determine what items you need, how long they will be stored, and what security features you need. Making a plan will help you make the most out of your storage unit while keeping your items safe and secure. You can create an efficient and clutter-free storage unit with these tips! 

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