7 Tips To Make A Sudden Move Easier

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Packing up your entire life from a place and establishing it somewhere else is always an overwhelming task, physically and emotionally. To carry it out, you would want to take things one day at a time. Ideally, you will need about a month to adjust to leaving behind your place and systematically packing your items. However, if you have just received the news of a new job or your house sells unexpectedly, there is nothing much you can do other than to engage yourself instantaneously. With a mountain of tasks to accomplish in a hurry, you need a plan of action to make your move smoother and easier.

Here Are Some Tips To Determine Your Course Of Action.

1. Remove The Clutter:

The roof you are leaving behind might have housed generations or been your little family’s abode for quite some time. It would have unused items from the basement to the attic. The clutter will be both costly to move and a challenge to get rid of it. Even if you have spent no more than a few years, you will not want to fill your new place with all the used items.

So before packing, sort out the things you want to keep and the ones you want to sell. Since you would not have time to wait for potential buyers before the move, consider moving your items to a self-storage until you find one. It will keep your things safe from damage that can reduce their value. It is especially crucial if you live in a city like Lake Charles in Louisiana, which faces weather extremes and is left battered by climate catastrophes time and again. So do a quick internet search of storage Lake Charles LA, and choose the one that fits your requirements and budget. It will also clear up much space to embrace all the mess of packing. Fewer items to pack will make the process less overwhelming and the transport much more affordable. So, purge before your big move for less mess and stress.

2. Make A Checklist According To Your Priorities:

Making a checklist will be extremely helpful in streamlining your priorities to the essential tasks. With so many responsibilities that come with a sudden move, you can also tend to forget things. But that won’t be a problem with a to-do checklist. Note down the tasks that need to be done on priority and tick them off one by one as you go to the bottom. It might include shutting off the services of utility companies, clearing any dues, buying the required things, etc.

3. Pack Now, Sort Later:

In an ideal situation, you will have ample time to organize your belongings in perfectly labeled boxes. However, let the organization go out of the window when you are in a hurry to pack and save the worry of sorting them out for later. You are good to go as long as your items are secure for the move. Stuff the items where they fit and take a picture of the contents after packing a box to have an idea of which things are together. Likewise, do not worry if your board games and water glasses end up together. You can sort them out once you safely transfer everything to your new place.

4. Use Your Space Wisely:

You can take advantage of packing hacks for a sudden move. For instance, you can use your linens or old towels to make bedding for delicate items like decoration pieces and cutlery. Take the trash bags and use them to pack your clothes (still on hangers) without crumpling them. Slide a trash bag from the bottom of your dress and tie it on the hanger. Bundle up your hangers by wiring a tie around them, and you will have packed your clothes in a snap!
Also, you do not need to empty the contents of the drawers of your dressing table and bedside table. Remove and pack them in a packing material as they are. You can even go without removing them, provided the table is not too heavy. Moreover, instead of carrying your suitcases separately, stuff as many things as possible in them. With efficient use of your space, you will save on commuting extra boxes.

5. Gather The Packing Essentials:

As soon as you receive the news of moving to a new home, gather loads of packing supplies. With all the essentials, your packing will go in a breeze. Ensure you have many cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, scissors, packing tape, zipper bags for screws and other loose items, packing papers, etc. With all the chaos of moving, the last thing you would want is to run to a store again and again to get supplies. And do not worry about buying more than you need. You can always use them later or give them to someone else prepping for the move.

6. Get Professional Help:

With a clock ticking over your head, taking help from professionals is inevitable. A set of expert hands will also be necessary to uninstall your heavy equipment mounted on walls, such as kitchen machinery or air conditioners. They will also be handy in loading and unloading your heavy boxes. So either looks for a moving company or rental trucks, whatever suits your budget, and get some burden off your shoulders.

7. Pack Your Bag Of Essential Things Separately:

Packing in a hurry means your house is likely to turn upside down, and finding day-to-day things will eat your time. So save yourself the effort of searching for the daily items and consider packing them separately, as you would not want to waste your precious time and energy on side tasks. Your bag of essentials can include your phone charger, toothbrush, important documents, towels, a change of clothes, and anything else you need.


While moving houses in a hurry might shock you, see it as the beginning of an exciting venture. Though the time constraints and the thought of leaving your place might stress you out, hold your nerves, and things will fall into place once you dive into the task. With a wise plan of action and some hacks, you will pack your stuff in no time and be ready to step into the next phase of your life.

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