7 Tips To Make Moving Home Stress Free

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Getting or moving to a new house is always an exciting experience. However, the excitement will disappear once you begin packing for the move. There might be more belongings in your current house than you expected. Loads of things you have long forgotten about will surface out of nowhere.

Handling the kids and figuring out documentation can be daunting in a situation like this. The last thing you want is to take more stuff to the new house than it can fit. Hence, it is necessary to take up this project in an organized manner.

We have prepared a list of ways to help make a move smoother. So, without further delay, let us get straight to the topic.

1. Purge Before You Pack

Purging is an essential part of the moving process. You must only take things that add value to your life, no matter how big your new home is. Start by decluttering kitchen cabinets and shelves. Then, move on to the bigger things, like your cupboard.

We suggest you get assistance from a friend or family member for this task. It will help you go through things faster.
Moreover, they can be strict in encouraging you to throw away useless things. You will be more mindful of what you keep when somebody holds you accountable.

Make three piles while decluttering – keep, throw and donate.

If the ‘keep’ pile is larger than the space you have, opt for a self-storage space. It becomes more important if you live in a city such as Lawrence, where the temperature is extreme, and storing your stuff without proper care can damage it.

You can easily locate a storage unit near you by looking up “storage Lawrence KS.” Choose a rental company with facilities close to your house. Doing this will ensure that the move is convenient.

2. Set Your Expectations Right

How much a setback affects you depends on the kinds of expectations you have from this experience. Assuming that the moving process will miraculously be all smiles is irrational. Instead, set realistic goals and expect stress.
Think of all the times you have overcome an issue whenever the need arises. Believe in your ability to set everything straight.

3. One Step At A Time

Trying to pack the entire house together will stress you out. It might even lead to demotivation, given the lack of progress you will make. Hence, be smart and tackle one room at a time.

You can begin with your bedroom and move from the lounge to the kitchen. This arrangement will ensure you still have supplies to prepare food and the lounge is presentable for guests until the last few days.

4. Make A Layout Of What Goes Where

It is unwise to take furniture and other possessions to your new house without having a layout plan. It might lead to inconvenience and a lack of space. The correct way to do this is by drawing your layout online or on paper. Take measurements of all the walls you want to put furniture against. Doing this will save you the time and effort of rearranging large furniture pieces that end up fitting nowhere.

You can then order things according to the measurements. Pieces like sofas, center tables, and curtains can look bad if they are too big or too small.

A layout will also help you understand the things you already have and the items you might have to purchase.

5. Label Everything

Imagine standing in a room full of cartons without knowing what is in them. You might have to open a few before you find a glass to drink water. Such stressful situations lead to nothing but a breakdown. Save yourself the trouble and label all cartons.

It does not have to be fancy. Just write “Tupperware” or “winter clothes” according to their category.

Ensure you are writing clearly and with a permanent marker. It is a waste of time to label everything just to have it erased or unreadable. Big labels are also more likely to be seen by moving professionals. This way, they can handle your breakable items with care.

We also suggest you make an arrow indicating each box’s top. Some items get damaged when put upside down.

6. Hire Professionals

Moving can become a lot easier when all you have to do is supervise. Moving companies have now gotten more efficient than ever. They plan and execute the moving process according to your exact instructions. You can give them guidelines and just relax. I know it sounds like a luxury.

However, ensure you take your time finding and opting for a reputable company. They might charge you relatively more, but it will be worth it.

Moreover, moving is not the time to sprain your ankle or break a bone. Do not try picking up heavy items all alone. Call friends over or hire professional movers.

7. Prioritize While Unpacking

Unpacking is indeed a tiresome and time-consuming task. It is like organizing possessions you have collected for a lifetime in just a few days. It can be even more challenging if you try to do it all at once.

Prioritize what you want to unpack first in order of necessity. We suggest you take out your bedding, a few pieces of crockery and pans, and a few comfortable clothes. These are the first things you need after a move.


There is no perfect recipe for having the smoothest moving experience. Ups and downs are bound to happen. Go in with the mindset that no matter how stressful the process is, the results will be worth it.

Moreover, remember working alone will not bring you any awards. Take help from people and professionals. Give yourself a few breaks in between to replenish your energy. Do not forget to have proper food and water intake along with adequate sleep. Starting a new chapter of your life while being sick is not optimal.

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