Bathroom Renovation And Repair Guide: Revitalizing Your Space With Expert Tips

This post was last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 11:29 am


Your bathroom is a personal sanctuary where you start and end your day. Many people want to recreate this space to reflect their style while ensuring more comfort and convenience.

It’s also crucial to increasing your home’s value in the local housing market. Let’s assume you live in Lexington, where the median home price is $310,000 with a +4% year-on-year change.

However, bathroom remodeling can easily enhance your property’s marketability, and you’ll also recoup 69% of your investment.

Whether you’re looking to improve the bathroom’s curb appeal and functionality or simply trying to boost the overall value of your Lexington property, this blog is your go-to resource for expert tips and suggestions on bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Renovation And Repair

So, Here Is How You Can Revitalize Your Bathroom Space In 2023:

1. Create A Realistic Budget

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are two of the most desirable and profitable projects. However, you should avoid overspending or investing in needless, luxury-only remodeling ideas. After assessing your and your family’s needs, create a realistic bathroom remodeling budget.

Prioritize essential bathroom renovations and then move on to the merely aesthetic ones afterward.

2. Hire Local Remodeling Experts.

Many small-time bathroom renovation projects don’t require professional assistance; you can simply finish these remodeling jobs on your own. However, major refurbishing ideas shouldn’t be attempted DIY-style; you must bring in remodeling experts to get the job done right.

For instance, when it comes to shower replacement, bathtub installation, and creating a senior-friendly bathroom, look for local remodeling companies, particularly if you live in Lexington, Kentucky.

Home Blue estimates that bathroom remodeling in Lexington, KY costs between $6,700 to $39,500 based on your bathroom’s size, layout, and renovation plans. But a credible Lexington bathroom remodeling company will handle your project through skilled workers.

So, contact a Lexington-based remodeling company and get an estimate on your renovation ideas.

3. Add More Lighting Fixtures.

Bathroom Renovation And Repair

Lighting is an essential feature of a revitalized and spacious bathroom design. Bad lighting can easily destroy the façade and utility of your bathroom space. That’s why you need to make your bathroom feel roomier and brighter by bringing more sunlight in with many windows incorporated into it.

A natural lighting scheme will invigorate your bathroom scheme without costing you a lot of money. But you can still install artificial lighting mechanisms to brighten up your bathroom experience even after sunset.

Stay away from bare bulbs and harsh light sources when remodeling the place.

4. Repaint The Area With Caution.

When repainting the bathroom – and recoloring is the cheapest remodeling project available in cities like Lexington – go with brighter color palettes to give it the illusion of spaciousness. Your bathroom will adopt a more welcoming and expansive façade if you choose the right color now.

Home improvement experts recommend repainting your house in different shades of blue, such as sky blue and moody blue. The color blue exhibits a sense of calmness and represents the tranquility of nature.

It revitalizes your space by making you think of the sky and oceans.

5. Use The Space Very Wisely.

Consider the amount of service available to you when remodeling the bathroom. Smaller spaces leave fewer design choices for remodeling experts, and homeowners must compromise.

However, larger bathroom spaces open many new and exciting opportunities to utilize the entire area for different design changes.

So, conceptualize your renovation plans around the availability of bathroom space. It’ll help you set realistic expectations for how your bathroom should like.

But a skilled designer will use their expertise to accommodate all the design changes you desire in the limited space available. That’s why you should work with remodeling experts.

6. Boost The Ventilation System.

Make sure your bathroom remodeling schemes include updating the HVAC system too. Bathrooms with no or poor ventilation accumulate dangerous levels of humidity, moisture, and pollutants.

Also, poorly-ventilated bathroom spaces can damage the drywall, produce disgusting smells, and lead to mold or mildew growth. Window vents in the bathroom decrease humidity levels and protect your family’s well-being. However, open windows are not a good idea for bathroom ventilation.

Open windows invite pollen, noise pollution, vehicular emissions, and even critters like raccoons into your house. Many Kentucky cities, such as Lexington, have a raccoon problem; you can find 250 raccoons per square mile in these urban areas.

Use exhaust fans on timers that vent air outside. Externally-vented exhaust fans keep both humidity and animals out of your bathroom.

7. Make It Handicap-Accessible

Accessibility isn’t just a trend in America; it is slowly becoming necessary for modern-day bathrooms. It would be best if you considered making your bathroom more accessible right now, even though the idea of losing your mobility seems far-fetched.

As you age, you’ll realize the importance of installing a senior-friendly, handicap-accessible bathroom on your Lexington property. So, here are some simple tips for creating a bathroom that is accommodating for individuals with disabilities:

•  Handheld showerheads
•  Slip-resistant flooring for added safety
•  Strategically placed grab bars all over the bathroom
•  Expanding the entryway (a wheelchair-accessible door)
•  Replace traditional doorknobs and faucets with lever handles
•  Installing a roll-in or a walk-in shower with a barrier-free entrance
•  Consider adding a raised toilet seat or a wall-mounted grab bar beside the toilet

8. Add Some Mirrors And Plants

Add some mirrors to make the bathroom appear more spacious and brighter without breaking the bank. Mirrors can reflect light from different sources (daylight and LED bulbs) to illuminate even the smallest of all bathroom spaces.

While expanding your bathroom’s visual space, installing life-size mirrors will help you easily check your hair and looks. Moreover, place some heated pods behind the mirrors to stop them from misting up when someone takes a hot shower.

Similarly, placing some eye-pleasing and refreshing household plants in the bathroom can literally revitalize the space. Plants purify the air, absorb moisture, and breathe life into your sterile bathroom. You can revive a dead space by growing some greenery inside.

Final words

Are you interested in transforming your bathroom into a rejuvenating oasis of healing and comfort? Just follow the tips mentioned in this blog and revitalize your bathroom space to reflect your style.

Budget the bathroom remodeling process, tackle small repair jobs, and furnish your space with plants and mirrors. Improve the ventilation system and then make your bathroom handicap-accessible too.

Also, don’t forget to hire a local, reliable bathroom remodeling company to turn this space around!