6 Benefits Of Storage Units You Probably Didn’t Know

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Many people are considering using storage units with an increasing awareness of self-storage facilities. Storage units provide a perfect haven for all your items, whatever the reason behind your storage needs. Whether it be to move houses, declutter your home or office space, or even find a temporary place for items you need help with, using storage units is a convenient way to keep your items safe until you need to use them.

Using storage units in a renowned storage facility can provide many advantages- there is nothing less stress-relieving than knowing all your possessions are safe and sound. However, only a few know the numerous benefits storage units can provide. If you are looking into storage units, listed are some ways that can be beneficial for you.

self storage unit benefits

1. It Provides an easier transition between homes

Moving homes can be very stressful, especially when there is a time between your moving-out and moving-in date. All your possessions will need a temporary place before you are ready to make the big move to your new home. Figuring out where and how to store your items can open a gateway to another realm of stress and anxiety- this is where having a storage unit at your disposal can help.

Storage units can assist you with your move by storing all your precious belongings until your moving day. You could even begin the storing process when you start packing for your move. Taking the packing and storing hand-in-hand is usually more convenient and stress-free than storing everything all at once.

Suppose you are moving to Rogers or Bentonville or remodeling your house. While you wait to move into your new or renovated house, The Discovery storage units Rogers AR is one of the best options as they offer affordable storage unit rates for drive-up accessible and secure climate-controlled storage facilities. Modern self-storage security systems are installed throughout their facilities, including building access control and NOK electronic locks on all of our storage units.

2. Top-Notch Security for your items

When storing your most valuable or expensive items away, security is always the biggest source of concern. Of course, you could hoard some of your stuff at your own house or a trusted family member’s, but thefts can happen anywhere and at any time- would you be willing to take the risk? Even if you live in an area where burglary instances are close to non-existent, the risk of your items sustaining damage through fire, water, or any other hazard persists.

Using a storage unit will provide a secure place for your valuables. With technologically advanced security systems, storage units can bring its tenant peace of mind by knowing that their items are protected. When looking for a storage unit for yourself, it is best to research the company’s security features. Ideally, the self-storage should provide secure locks and alarms on your unit, surveillance cameras, and additional monitoring to ensure top-notch security of your items.

3. Gives your business a base

A storage unit is not only for your items- you can even use it for storing your business-owned assets. Whether it be raw materials, merchandise inventory, or even other items from your office, you can store them in the storage unit.

Keeping stocks of merchandise in a storage unit is especially beneficial for businesses having shops or retail outlets nearby. Most storage facilities have easy access around-the-clock, enabling you to retrieve belongings whenever possible. Therefore, you can visit the unit whenever you need to without worrying about your products going out of stock and disappointing your customers.

You can also make efficient use of the storage unit by decluttering your office or store and storing unused furniture items or files inside it. Keeping a lot of unnecessary paperwork, equipment, and furniture in your office can reduce the workspace and affect productivity. While you may be considering moving to a bigger office, it may be more cost-effective to use storage units instead.

4. Provides space for storing seasonal items

All those winter jackets, ski boots, and holiday decoration items may take up more space in your house than you had intended. Also, that enormous heater certainly has no use for you in the middle of summer. Instead of cramming all seasonal items inside your house and cluttering your space, it may be better and more efficient to store it all in the storage unit until the season changes.

For those living in a city with harsh weather conditions in winter, you may need to store all that outdoor furniture away. Extreme cold can make even the newest furniture look old- metals can rust, and wood and plastics can crack, especially if you don’t take any extra measures to protect them. The best thing you can do for your outdoor furniture during winter is to bring it all indoors. However, only some have the space in the house to accommodate more furniture items. In such instances, storing them in a storage unit may be wise, for it will keep them safe and protected while they are not in use.

5. Cost Benefits

Renting a storage unit saves more costs than extending your living space. Consider moving into a bigger house based on how cluttered it has gotten. Furniture, clothes, and other random items can grow like weeds until you are unsure about your housing needs. But why spend a hefty amount renting and moving to another place when you can store all the excess stuff in a storage unit instead? Using self-storage is a cheaper and more convenient option- you can declutter your house without getting rid of any stuff or spending extra cash on moving.

Furthermore, storage units are relatively inexpensive to rent. You only pay for the storage space you need and the duration of use. Some companies even offer discounts and free transportation services to their customers.

6. Convenient and flexible to use

With most storage facilities offering 24-hour access, storage units are very convenient. You can get your items any time during the day or night, depending on your availability or need. Also, facilities often provide handy moving equipment to make the storage process easy and convenient for their customers. For instance, they may provide trolleys to help you move your items and may even sell boxes or packaging materials if you need them. They are also flexible as you can store almost any item you require and rent a unit only within a few days’ or weeks’ notice.


One of the most important things you need to consider when renting a storage unit is your trust in the company. The whole purpose of self-storage is to provide you with comfort, knowing that your items are safe. However, if you are still determining the storage company’s facilities, it would be better to look for another one. It is better to be safe than sorry- so being cautious when choosing a storage company is only necessary. As long as your chosen company is trustworthy and reputable, you can rest assured that your items will be in the same condition you left them.

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