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Are you excited by the title? I mean, you should be! 10 Best Escape Rooms? Every escape room lover’s dream! But we’ve covered you even if you don’t know what escape rooms are! Let’s go along on this ride, shall we?

Escape Rooms are the rooms where you go to play but in real time! In simple terms, you get locked up or stuck in a room where it’s hard to escape. And now you have to find tools or a way out of it. And the way out is laced inside the room with puzzles, clues, and hints in between! So, everything is laid out in front of you to solve it. In short, with the help of these puzzles and tips, you have to find the key or solution & then you have to escape the room!

Now that we know what Escape rooms are, let’s go towards the 10 Best Escape Rooms in The World!

1. The Laboratory in Bunschoten, the Netherlands

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The thrilling escape room with only a 50% chance of getting out! It’s based in Bunschoten, Netherlands, and it’s quite a treat. It’s often rated as the best escape room in the Netherlands! It was founded on a great storyline… The website says…

“The infamous Doctor Steiner has gone completely mad. The mysterious and cold ambiance is still present after 72 years in this first escape room of all escape rooms in The Netherlands.

Will you and your team be capable to find out what Doctor Steiner experienced 72 years ago?”
You get time, access to the theme, several other pools, and arcade games beforehand! It’s said to be very logical & based on simple problem solving that you are bound to fall in love with!

2. Breakout KC

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Based in KC or Kansas City River Market in the USA, this is the top-rated escape room in the city & one of the top-rated ones in the whole country! With several excellent reviews, people have unquestionably been loving this boy! The website says…

“Your goal is simple: You have 60 minutes to Breakout from one of our live-action, themed rooms—crack codes. Use your gut. Solve riddles.”

It is a live-action escape room with just 60 minutes to solve, just like in Escape room Prescott! It has a 26% success rate, one of the lowest in the whole country… So do it wisely!

3. The Mr. X Mystery House in Shanghai

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It’s a famous one from China! It has five rooms full of mystery and puzzles, starting from the entrance! It’s based on many themes from various cultures. You will be given one hour inside each room and can go in a group too! It’s a sensory experience for both mind and body as these are hard and require your body to wriggle in small places, slide like a ninja, and even go through lasers. You must use your whole mind and body to get out of this one!

4. The Room Berlin

This is also a very challenging one! It consists of 4 rooms filled with different themes, and you’re given 60-75 minutes to finish each one! These are amazingly crafted for people and offer some serious graphics and aesthetics! They are award-winning escape rooms, so you know you are in for a real deal! They received the Golden Lock-In award in 2017 and many later on!

5. Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game in Birmingham:

This is an excellent place to explore… They have three different rooms to go and solve, which are not scary. You get 60 minutes with your team of 2-8 people. Here, you might need to find proof of a conspiracy, a cure to an epidemic, or the answer to a classroom mystery! But don’t underestimate them, as they are pretty tricky to get around!

6. Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore Escape Room Athens:

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This one is a whole house for you to solve! Filled with secret basements and passageways and a unique theme with scary elements, this is sure to get your heart pumping! You have earned yourself 200 minutes in total to solve it! It is inside a bookstore that is so unique and new. It’s the best way to experience real escape as it’s a whole house. The pictures are something worth checking out as well. Worth visiting Athens for!

7. The Basement in Los Angeles

The city of Hollywood has a fantastic escape room on the board! This is rated as the best #1 Escape Room in the USA! And it’s said to be quite scary. You are locked in a basement of a cannibalistic killer/psychopath who has had a traumatic childhood and a weird sense of justice revolving around him. You have only 45 minutes to do it before his dinner. With several things distracting you and scaring you on your way. Can you escape?

8. The Office in Philadelphia

What would you do if you were just stuck in an Office forever? This is a nightmare for all of us, and this escape room fulfills this nightmare! You must solve puzzles and mysteries and get out of this Office themed escape room soon!

9. Escape Boats and SOS Escape Rooms Dublin:

This one is not an escape room! It’s more like escape boats! You are in Dublin and stuck in a barge. There are boats involved, and it is off the docks in Dublin. Go and have fun at this exciting take on escape rooms!

10. The Catacombs Escape Room Paris

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Saved the best for the last! Have you heard about the Catacombs underneath the beautiful city of Paris? These are underground ossuaries in Paris, France, which hold the remains of more than six million people in a small part of a tunnel network built to consolidate Paris’ ancient stone quarries. Imagine an escape room theme to this! It’s not for the faint of the heart, as it’s pretty scary! Do it only if you can handle these tunnels.

That’s all for the ten best escape rooms in the world especially catered to you! Do visit them once, whether you are traveling in the country. Or visit the country only for these escape rooms, if you can! Try these out, and let us know your experience in the comments below!


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