Best Hydration Pack For Mountain Biking [Detailed Guide & Reviews 2019]

Do you plan on buying a Best Hydration Backpack ? The market has so many offerings these days, with many well known brands making premier products available to customers. While this is something really good since it gives customers a wide range of choices, it can also turn out be very confusing for them. Therefore, one certainly always requires a proper guide or a help to make sure they go through the necessary features and aspects of products before they settle for one. That gives people to examine things well enough and also have the belief that they have indeed picked a good backpack.

Best Hydration Backpacks For Hiking – Reviews & Comparison Table


1. TETON Sports Trailrunner 2.0 – Best Hydration Packs For Runners

TETON Sports Trailrunner 2.0 Hydration Backpack Bladder

This bag comes with a volume capacity of 2 liters. It has a 9 inch deep mesh pocket that will enable one to carry other necessities like phones, wallets, and even snacks during your trip. An insulated back panel helps in keeping the water insulated and also cool. Easy Velcro is provided to keep out dirt and there is also a pocket for quick access. The straps are fairly wide so that it does not happen to pinch and thus keeps you comfortable.


2. Mubasel Gear Insulated – Best Hydration Packs For Mountain Biking

Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack with 2L BPA Free Bladder

This 1.5 liter pack feature an Antidote Reservoir, which happens to have a cap that can be easily opened and closed. It is basically a low profile design and has a small torso for easy carrying. It is also capable of carrying other tools or wallets, keys etc. this hydration pack comes at a price of around $48 and also offers a lifetime guarantee.


3. CamelBak Classic, 85oz – Best Hydration Packs For Cycling

CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack, 85oz

This is another 1.5 liter backpack from Camelbak. This is also equipped with the Antidote Reservoir for easy access. It has a short torso with a great ventilation system in place, a diamond mesh back panel which is light and delivers high on comfort. An essentials pocket helps you carry all items like keys, tools etc. The reservoir also comes with HydroGuard technology, which is primarily responsible for inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. It also has a quick seal cap which helps. The wide mouth helps in keeping it clean.


4. Camelbak Products Men’s Classic – Small Hydration Packs

Camelbak Products Men’s Classic Hydration Pack

This is basically designed for biking purposes. This too comes with the leading Antidote Reservoir, which is about 2 liters in volume. Therefore it is slightly the larger option when compared to the two previous Camelbak products. There is also a zipper located in the front exterior portion that can hold important small items of worth.


5. Compact Modular – Best Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

Compact Modular Hydration Backpack

The largest of lot, this 2.5 liter backpack is ideal to those people who are thirstier. It has an expandable design and has a cool mesh back. There is one single large main compartment, and another outside pocket which has several inner mesh pockets. The hydration pocket has a Velcro closure system in place. The shoulder straps of this hydration pack are well adjustable. This cool backpack also comes multiple designs and colors and that gives a bright option to interested buyers.

Important Aspects Before Buying

• The Volume –The volume of water that the backpack will carry should be one of the first factors that you should look at while buying a backpack. Generally, such hydration backpacks come at volumes of 1 or 1.5 liters, 2 liters and 3 liters. Different people prefer different volumes of water intake and hence, this should basically be the criteria for your choice. Note that the volume of water one requires will also depend on the activity one is undertaking. Some activities definitely require a greater volume of water consumption, while others require minimal consumption. Besides, one must also note that carrying more volumes of water ultimately means more load to be carried.

• Size Of The Opening – The size of the opening is another feature to take note of. In this case, different brand names generally offer different sizes. While the very popular CamelBak offers a 3.5 inch opening, MSR offers a lesser one in the form of 2.5 inches. This size plays a role when you are going to clean the reservoir internally. A slightly bigger opening will allow you to get your hand ion to clean it, and also you can drop in ice cubes to keep the water clean.

• The Fit – Getting a proper fit that seems well enough to be carried is a big plus. In this case, just the bigger backpack might just not be the best option for you. For example if you need to go light during the activity, a bigger backpack can actually be a problem. Another advantage that smaller ones are bound to offer is more stability. They tend to sit well on your back and hence, are the better option. These days, there are special packs that are manufactured solely for kids, or women, etc. So if you happened to fit in to those specific kinds of categories, they can be good option for you.

• Sipping Tubes And Bite Valves – Generally sip tubes are made of polyurethane. It happens to be a very durable material but can also add the taste of plastic to water. Therefore, after every use you will need to get it to dry up completely. Bite valves can be another option. A slight pressure with the teeth can get the water flowing in this case. However, many people tend to literally bite hard and that can lead to these items being worn out easily.

• Pressurized And Non-Pressurized Systems – The basic difference between pressurized and non pressurized packs lies in the fact that in the first one you have to suck the water out of the tube but for the latter, you will not have to do so. The presence of another tube does that for you. However, this additional tube also means heavier load for you to carry. Besides that, they are also fairly expensive and might not fit into everyone’s bill.

• Based On Activity – Hydration packs can be selected on the basis of activity.

• Hiking – Almost all types of hydration packs bode well for hikers. However, it is important that you go out with a pack that happens to be on the lighter side as you will also be carrying other gear too.

• Cyclists/ Biking – A hydration pack can be chosen cyclist and bikers, on the basis of distance. Mainly a long distance event demands a larger capacity, and for short distances one can do well with lighter volumes of water.

• Skiers – For people who pursue snow sports, hydration packs are basically the only way to keep you hydrated. In fact, people can look to choose those products that come with bite valves, and further have insulation of some form.

• Price – The price of the product can be an issue for certain buyers. Not everyone can go for the most expensive item on the list. In that can you can assess the feature you basically need, and also your budget. That will help you in making the right pick.

• Brand – The brand represents the goodwill earned by selling products. Some people do have the tendency to opt for a product of a good brand. In that case, it is good to stick to the brand that you largely prefer.



Now that you know what all you actually need to consider, in order to pick the right hydration pack, there are certain backpacks that have made quite the rapport in the market already. These are the basic few aspects that one must definitely look into while shopping for their hydration packs. While it can all be initially confusing at first, a well detailed look into everything will actually help you out with your selection. Try to stick to basic purpose you need the hydration pack for. Also, it is recommended to include the entire necessary features that you require. You can go for extra features if it seems affordable and fits in. The packs mentioned above cover a certain price range and also features that fit in well with the public demand. There are cheaper options, as well as ones that are slightly pricey. However, pricey ones also come with certain additional features worth taking a look at. So go ahead and make your pick keeping in mind all the factors. Given the right weightage to all of them, you will definitely come out with the one best suited to you needs.