5 Benefits of Renting A Self-Storage Unit Near Your Home

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Storing your belongings can be challenging if your family is expanding or you feel the need to move to a bigger house. From tools to toys, there needs to be a proper space allotted. You could methodically declutter things that you don’t use or need anymore. But it’s not such an ideal case every time. Eventually, you’ll want to have more space. Space scarcity can be a dilemma for those who are collectors, shopaholics, or small business owners.

With no space to keep your stuff, your house will likely feel cluttered and suffocated; unless you find a self-storage unit near your home. Self-storage units are rooms or lockers you can rent for personal or business use. They are a safe alternative to store any possessions you don’t have space to store at your home and wouldn’t want to throw out.

Those who use self-storage units know what a blessing this extra storage space can be. For those who aren’t sure how these units can help, we’ve included a list of 5 benefits you can get from a self-storage unit near your home.

Self-storage Unit Near me

5 Benefits Of Storage Units Near Me

Provides Seasonal Storage

Do you celebrate holidays with full spirit? Then you’re likely to hoard stuff like Halloween costumes and decorations or a Christmas tree and stockings. It’s fun to decorate your house according to the festival, but then comes the question of storage after you take down the ornaments. You wouldn’t want to throw them away because you’ll need them next year. You’ll only want extra space to store your stuff until you need them next time. In cities such as Olympia, where summers are short, and the winters are wet and cold, you might need a storage unit that can keep your belongings safe and dry. You can search for extra storage in Olympia and find the unit that suits your needs.

Moreover, during summer, you can store your winter clothes, blankets, and heaters in the storage unit. It would be convenient to rent a storage facility near your home so you can visit it whenever you’d like.

Smoother Transition Between Homes

Moving from one house to another can be arduous. There is a lot of uncertainty about how you would set up your new home and where you would place all your stuff. In case you’re shifting to a smaller house, you’d feel the need to declutter. But what if you don’t want to give away any of your stuff? The answer is to rent a storage unit near your house.

You can rent a storage unit where you can keep your belongings for as long as possible. The unit you book could be as big as you want, where you could store extra furniture or hardware equipment. It could also be as small as you need and you could keep boxes of old clothes or toys. Even if you’re moving to a bigger house, you’d want a place to keep your stuff temporarily until you get the time to furnish or set up your new home. In either case, booking a storage unit near your residence is feasible.

Beefed Up Security

If you’re keeping your possessions in a place outside your home, you wouldn’t want to worry about them being unsafe. Storage unit providers take strict measures to maintain security to ensure your stuff is protected. These measures may include CCTV surveillance, smart keyless locks, on-site security, and alarm systems. The high level of security available at these facilities is top-notch, and not many of us have them at our homes.

If you’re planning to go on a family vacation, during which your house will be unattended, you could lock your prized possessions in a storage facility. You could keep them there until you return, and they’ll be untouched.

Extra Space for Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, everyone wants to become an entrepreneur with a small business they can run from the comfort of their homes. Starting a business from your home would mean bringing in stock and keeping packaging boxes, paper, and other office stationery. Even if you’re selling a service and not a product, you’ll need space from where you can work.

But for those with smaller homes, finding extra space to keep tools, materials, or business-related equipment can be challenging. Especially if you have kids, you wouldn’t want them meddling with your orders. Make your life easy and rent a storage unit near your home. You could store products or materials you don’t require immediately but want to keep in stock.

If you place them in properly-labeled boxes, you’ll find them more organized and easy to find than if you were to keep them at home. If you have a business partner or friend who manages stock records, you can give them access to the storage unit rather than having them over at your home all the time.

Permanent Station for Possessions

Does your profession involve a lot of traveling, or do you love to explore new places? If you don’t have a permanent abode in your home city, you’d probably want a place just to store your stuff. As a traveler, you might like to collect souvenirs from the places you visit. You might even have basic household stuff, including furniture, dishes, books, or tools, that need to be placed somewhere. Instead of renting out a house or apartment to keep all your stuff while you’re away, you can rent a storage unit at a much cheaper rate.

If you feel you’re possessions are increasing, and you’re running out of space in your rented storage unit, you can always ask for a bigger one. Consider it a little home just for your things!


If you’re planning to rent a self-storage unit, find one nearest to your home. This way, you can cut down your traveling time and cost. Your things will also be easier to access if the storage facility is nearby. You also don’t need to worry about the safety of your possessions because such facilities take adequate security measures to guard your stuff.

Whether you’re planning to shift to a new home or start up your own business from your home, you’ll need extra space to store your stuff. We’re sure at least one of these benefits might help you make the right decision and book a storage unit near your home.

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