Top Tips on Choosing the Best Wardrobe for Your Home

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Choosing the right wardrobe for all your clothes is of the essence. You’ll need a functional storage space that can hold all your spring, summer, autumn, and winter clothes without making you look for additional storage space and think about where to store another pair of boots you couldn’t resist buying. On top of that, the wardrobe shouldn’t be too big, compared to the space in the room. Otherwise, the interior will look crammed. For handy tips about choosing the best wardrobe, keep reading.

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Consider The Room Size

Before buying the wardrobe you’ve been eyeing, don’t forget to check the floor space size. What’s more, consider the height of the ceiling too. Some closets are taller, others are shorter, and if your room doesn’t have tall enough a ceiling, you might be in quite a predicament. Can you place the wardrobe away from the main source of light and your window? The last thing you need is an enormous wardrobe blocking the sunlight, making the room look tiny and dim. Do you already have the bed set up? Measure the distance between the bedroom door, the bed and the walking area in between to know whether your wardrobe will fit well.

Browse The Wardrobe Types

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Once you know how much space you have at your disposal, you can start looking at wardrobe models that would be ideal for your room. Is your room big enough for a free-standing wardrobe or would it be better to go for a built-in wardrobe? One of the benefits of free-standing closets is that you can relocate them to another room or your next home. If you live in Sydney, for instance, eventually you might decide you need a change and want to move to Perth. You can conveniently disassemble the wardrobe and bring it to your new home.

Another option is a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors. You can customise the size, materials, colours, finishes and storage accessories how you like them. It will take a bit longer to build and set up, but you’ll have a seamless design that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the interior design. When looking for walk in wardrobes, Sydney has the widest range of exceptional models. You can even choose the type of door materials and colours to blend in with your interior seamlessly.

Walk in wardrobes are best for larger homes with plenty of space to spare. Count on modular storage that will allow you to make the most of the closet space. From shelves to clothes rails, trouser rails, drawers and shoe racks, you’ll have all the convenience you need to store all your clothes.

Think About The Door Type And Colour

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A wardrobe will be one of the largest furniture pieces in a room, so choose the proper colour for it. You’ll want the closet design to blend seamlessly with the rest of the interior. From glossy to matte finishes, light or dark wood, there are numerous options to choose from. Furthermore, think about the type of door. Do you want a sliding or folding door? Do you have enough space for the standard door? Consider push-to-open designs that are taking over the interior design world. Swing or folding doors will also look modern in your bedroom.

Choose Between Shelves, Rods, or a Mixture of Storage Solutions

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The inside of the wardrobe plays a big part in your final choice. Before you order your ideal closet, don’t forget to check whether it features only shelves or whether there is a combination of shelves and clothes rails. Some manufacturers will allow you to customise the inside of your free-standing wardrobe, whereas, with a built-in one, you have the freedom to design the entirety of the closet.

Investing in a new wardrobe will require thorough thinking. Don’t rush the purchase but check the size of the room and think well about the type of wardrobe you need. Take the type and colour of the door into consideration, for the most practical wardrobe.

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