The Best Wire Rope Lubricator: Viper WRL USA

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Viper Wire Rope Lubricator

Wire rope lubrication extends its operational life and improves safety. It lubricates the outside surfaces as well as the interior wires and core when done appropriately. Adequate lubrication reduces friction and protects against deterioration when the personal wires move over each other.

Viper WRL USA, on the other hand, can be challenging. Manual lubrication using a drop, spatula, brush, or rubber glove is a messy, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous maintenance activity. For more information look at this website.

The Advantages Of Viper Significantly Outweigh The Disadvantages Of Manual Application Methods

Wire rope lubrication in a single pass that is quick and efficient

  • The process of lubrication is simplified and accelerated.
  • Lubricates at up to 1.2 miles per hour (2,000 meters per hour).
  • It cuts down on downtime.
  • Increases the availability of equipment

Eliminates manual greasing

  • Enhances security
  • Reduces clutter and leaks
  • Reduces the amount of lubricant used

Viper MK II Kit

High-pressure, high-flow grease pump

  • Grease penetration is guaranteed.
  • Moisture is displaced from the rope core.
  • Even with huge ropes, it provides complete coverage.

What is the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator and how does it work?

A lubricator collar assembly housing polyurethane seals adapted to a certain cable rope size in the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator. The cable is clamped around the assemblage, which is then attached to a fixed position. The cord is then drawn via the collar. Stainless steel scraper plates clean the cable by scraping off the dust, garbage, and old lubricant, and flatten the seals before applying new lubricant.

The lubricant is forced between the strands and into the wire rope core as it is administered with the high-flow, high-pressure grease pump. As a result, the wire rope is thoroughly lubricated, with only a thin film of lubricant on the exterior strands.

Viper system components

The Viper MK II’s collar is its beating heart. The collar is made of high-grade cast aluminum with a tough protective coating, and it’s finished with stainless steel hardware for optimal corrosion resistance. The built-in grips on the MK II collar make it simple to hold in one hand. The Viper may be readily attached to the rope by one person.

The supplier has the entire standard kit as well as all of the necessary components for functioning. It’s easy to set up the kit. The seals and scraper plates are chosen depending on the wire cable size. Extra scrapers and seals can be ordered if you have more than one wire cable size.

Wire rope lubrication

The Viper MK II Kit includes the following items:

  • High-strength Viper MK II collar
  • Viper grease pump, high-pressure, high-flow
  • Isolation valve and air regulator with gauge
  • 1/2-in lube supply hose with a length of 13 feet (4 meters).
  • Metering valve for high-pressure lubricant
  • Drain hose for lube
  • Keeping ratchet straps and shackles in place
  • Aluminum storage case with a lot of strength
  • Collar has a handy carry strap.

Conclusion:- Aside from wire rope lubrication, the specialists are delighted to provide lubricant and dependability suggestions for a variety of businesses and applications as well as product-specific information on all of the items to assist you in making the best option possible.

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