How To Use Cannabis Dispensary Reviews To Find The Best Products For Your Needs


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Customer reviews are worth their weight in gold when you’re trying to buy the best product possible.

With that being said, it’s also true that finding the best cannabis dispensary isn’t an altogether easy job.

There are a few different reasons why this tends to be a more difficult task than researching customer reviews for different types of businesses.

First of all, you may need to drive or travel quite a long distance just to reach the dispensary that you’re researching.

Second of all, not all dispensaries are created equal.

Different dispensaries are going to carry different products, and they are also going to be staffed by different people.

When it comes to buying cannabis, what you really want is an amazing assortment of products to choose from, and world-class service to go along with it.

On the flip side of this, far too many dispensaries nowadays have become cold and devoid of any and all personality.

(Hey, this may be a controversial take on the topic—but it’s the truth.)

Finding a dispensary where you feel comfortable researching products and spending your money isn’t always super easy.

Cannabis Dispensary Reviews

So in this blog post, you’re going to learn how to use cannabis dispensary reviews to find the best products (and the best assistance) for your needs.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Read All Of The Reviews

Oftentimes, when we’re researching a product or a service, we’re tempted to just skim over the front page reviews to see what they say.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Skimming the front page reviews is a great first step.

But you definitely want to go a bit deeper than this.

Ideally, whenever you’re looking at a new dispensary to shop at, you want to get online and read all of the reviews—not just those on the front page.

Reading all customer reviews provides a more comprehensive understanding of a business’s strengths and weaknesses, while only reading the first page may only provide a limited and biased view.

2. Look At The Number Of Reviews

Taking a close look at how many reviews have been left on the dispensary’s review page is an important part of the process of figuring out if that dispensary has had enough business to prove itself.

Now, granted, there’s nothing wrong with trying out a new spot.

But as a general rule, you’re going to find better outcomes if you shop at dispensaries that already have a proven and established place in the local market.

In short—shopping at businesses with a proven track record of happy customers and positive reviews increases the likelihood of having a positive experience yourself.

3. Check Out The Review Responses

Does this dispensary post responses to both negative and positive reviews that are left on their page?

If so, this is both a good sign and a fantastic place to see what kind of face that business shows to the general public—especially in the face of criticism.

The truth of the matter is that you’re probably going to have a better experience if you do business with a dispensary that truly takes care of its customers, even the customers that have left negative reviews on the page.

For best results, read and compile the data.

You just may learn a few things about the local cannabis scene!

4. Read Reviews On Multiple Sites

Reading reviews on multiple sites is a fantastic way to broaden your knowledge of a particular business, and unveil the truth behind what’s going on with customers.

If you stick to only reading reviews on one website, you could miss a valuable part of the dialogue and discussion surrounding that business.

Different customers are going to leave reviews in different places.

So for best results, do an internet search for customer reviews for the dispensary in question, and do your due diligence by digging several pages deep into the query results.

You may be surprised by what you find—and you’ll definitely learn more about the business before spending money with them.


Researching customer reviews before ordering or buying from a dispensary helps you make informed decisions based on the experiences of others, and can prevent potential issues or regrets down the line.

And hey—that’s a pretty awesome thing!

And if you need some help locating some awesome dispensaries in your area, check out this website.

They do a pretty good job of providing a list of awesome places to try.

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