Some Car Wrap Design And Ideas Your Next Time Car Wrap

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You are probably wondering why you should hire a company to design your car wrap for you. It’s understandable why you’d be asking yourself that question. The car wrap business is huge, so you must take your time and choose wisely before making a decision. The amount of money you invest in a design will affect your return on investment, so don’t make a mistake when there is so much to be had.

If you have the budget, a car wrap is an excellent way to advertise your business. Many food delivery companies use them to attract customers, so why not use these tips on choosing one?

Choose the Right Wrap Material (PPF/Vinyl/PET)

Business cars are an extension of our brand and style. That’s why you want to make them as unique as possible, whether that means adding a new body kit or wrap. The first step in the design process is to choose the suitable wrap material. This is an important decision because it will affect the look of your vehicle and its durability.

Here are a few popular options:

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Polyester (PPF) – Polyethylene also uses the popular term PPF (polyester film). It consists of polyester fibers and polypropylene plastic. PPF offers excellent durability and protection against UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor applications like car wraps.

Polypropylene (PP)/VINYL – Polypropylene (PP) is also known as VINYL. This is the most common type of material used for car wraps. It’s durable and can be applied in various colors and patterns.

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) – Polyester (PET) is another popular option used in the automotive industry. It offers a high gloss finish that makes it very attractive to consumers.

Given these options, it’s vital to buy release liners for use with these films for the best dimensional stability and optimal release levels.

Get creative with colors and patterns.

You must use color to stand out in a sea of black and white cars! But don’t just slap on any old color. You want your car wrap design to match your brand and reflect the look of your business. Plus, it should look good on all types of vehicles — so think about what color would look best on a Mercedes versus an SUV versus an old beat-up truck. Whether you want to go minimalist or make a statement with bold colors, there are endless possibilities when customizing your ride.

Embrace negative space

If you’re considering getting a custom car wrap design, then negative space, or white space as it is called in the design world, is just as important as positive space when it comes to car wraps. Why? Because negative space gives you room for text, logos, and other elements that add meaning to your design. This is particularly essential for text-based designs like lettering or logos. Hence, making your car wrap more memorable for potential customers who may see your vehicle.

Consider Your Car’s Shape and Size

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Next, do you have enough room for a full wrap? If so, congratulations! If not, there are still ways to customize your car with vinyl graphics or partial wraps. If you’re looking for a full wrap, ensure enough space is available on all sides of your vehicle. Car wraps typically cover the front bumper, hood, roof, rear bumper, and sides of the car — but they don’t always go down to the wheels on each side. To find out how much space you have on either side of your vehicle.

Don’t forget about your windows.

Most people think of wrapping the body of the vehicle when they think about car wraps. However, you can also add design elements to your vehicle, such as a window wrap. Many custom car wraps come with window graphics in their packages, but if yours doesn’t (or want something different), don’t hesitate to ask about adding them later on down the line.

Keep the Design Simple

Again, ensure that your car wrap design matches the rest of your branding and marketing materials. Also, ensure that the images used in the design are relevant to your business or brand. Make sure you don’t overdo the colors and fonts in your car wrap design because it will be hard for people to read from afar.

Think about the location and intended use

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In today’s world of social media, you might want to consider how your car wrap design will look when people take a photo of it and post it online. If you have a photo-friendly design with lots of bright colors, people will likely use it for their photos. For example, if you’re wrapping a fleet of trucks and delivery vans, adding more detail that can be seen from afar may be necessary. But if you’re wrapping personal vehicles, keep the design simple so it doesn’t look tacky up close.

Include your contact information

Make sure that if you’re using a full wrap, you have your contact information. Your contact details, such as phone number or email address, can boldly appear directly on the hood or back bumper, which are areas most people will see when walking past your ride. If you’re using a partial wrap, consider having your contact information printed on one of the side windows or the door panel. This way, people who see your car will be able to find out more about who owns it and how they can get in touch with them if necessary.


There’s no sense in getting a wrap design that might not be the right fit for your business or car type. Whether searching for an easy way to advertise your business or a creative way to express yourself, these factors are essential in choosing the right car wrap design. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, selecting the best car wrap designer should be a breeze.

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