10 Hacks to Make Your Vacation Cheap and Fun!

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Everybody wants to take that long-awaited vacation to rejuvenate themselves from the mounting pressures of work and personal life. However, budget issues could present themselves as a hurdle between you and your dream vacation. Any vacation, be it domestic or international, is bound to take a toll on your pockets as you would be out of your homes, needing places for accommodation, and would have to shell out extra bucks for all of your basic requirements.

In this listicle, we will guide you on how you can cut down on costs during your vacation and ensure your trip is easy on the wallet.

The Best Hacks to Make Your Vacation Affordable

In the following detailed list, we will take an in-depth and comprehensive look at ten hacks to make your vacation cheap and fun.

Book Tickets During Unlikely Hours:

Due to work, most customers are able to book their tickets only in the mornings before heading to the office or in the evening after returning. During these hours, tickets are usually costlier owing to high demand.
This is why we suggest you take some time out of your busy schedule and book it during the afternoon, as you can find tickets to your dream destination at an affordable rate, be it for a flight, a train, or a bus. If you’re someone who wants to save time by traveling via air, you can check out our list of the best flight booking websites, which would help you find tickets at low rates.

Use Public Transport:

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If you’re a solo traveler, it makes all the sense in the world for you to opt for public transport to go around the city or town instead of booking a cab. Public transport like buses, metros and more are comparatively cheaper when compared to cabs, which, if used extensively, could burn a hole in your pockets!

Look for Places with Free Wi-Fi:

Of course, when traveling, you stop at a restaurant to fill your stomach. This is where you can make use of the free Wi-Fi provided by them. Apart from this, most public spaces in all countries also have free Wi-Fi facilities, which allows you to save some vital mobile data, in turn ensuring you save money.

Depend on Street Food:

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It’s true that visiting a reputable restaurant would never let you down in terms of taste, but it’s the street food that provides you with an authentic and wholesome experience of that particular region. On top of that, street food is much cheaper than that of a restaurant, thus allowing you to save big money.


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If you’re in a mountainous region or a hill station, you could explore the option of camping as it would help you save the entire cost of living in a hotel or lodge. Though camping comes with its own share of risks, the experience itself is incredibly enriching and, most of all, easy on the pocket.

Rent an Apartment:

If camping isn’t your nothing and staying in a hotel is out of your budget, the best would be to rent an apartment in the city you’re in, considering you’re there for a decent period of time. Though they don’t provide the same amenities you would find in a hotel, it’s still a great option if saving money is what drives you.

Take Long Walks:

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The best way to know the cultural nuances of a city or a town is to take a long walk and go about exploring it in all its minutest details. This doesn’t only give you a chance to scout every nook and corner of the place you’re visiting, but it also helps you save a lot on your travel costs and expenditure.

Travel During Off-Season:

Any tourist location is bound to become costly during the summer and winter seasons when schools are off, and families plan extensive vacations. Naturally, flight and accommodation prices during these seasons are through the roof as there’s scope to make big money for all the parties involved. As such, it makes sense for you to plan your trip during the off-season when rates are cheaper.

Purchase a Local Sim:

Imagine you’re in an international location and have a sudden craving to call up your loved ones back home. Just then, you realize that roaming rates could burn a hole in your pockets! This is why it’s advised that if you’re in a distant country for a while, it’s better to get a local SIM that could help you make considerable savings and give you the bandwidth to talk on the phone for long hours!

Explore Museums:

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If you want deeper insights into a place’s history, there’s no better way than to visit its museums. They don’t only take you on a memorable journey into the past but are inexpensive and affordable. Most museums across the world are non-profit, with many of them also allowing free admission for a few hours in a day.


1) What are the cheapest months to travel?

Usually, May to early June and late August to mid-October are the cheapest months to travel as you can get big deals on international flights during this time.

2) What are the things to avoid during travel?

– Avoid overpacking and carry only the essentials. The rest can be purchased at the place you’re visiting.
– Don’t over-depend on guide books and instead head out to explore places on your own.
– Be aware of the culture of the place you’re visiting to ensure you don’t end up doing or saying anything insensitive in front of the locals.

3) What should I carry to eat while traveling?

It’s advisable to carry things like dry fruits and packaged items that could be consumed freely while you’re on the go.

We hope our tips and tricks to save money during a trip can be helpful to you and that you apply them during your long-awaited vacation! However, no matter how many suggestions we make, when you’re in a place far away from home, it’s entirely up to you to analyze the situation and plan accordingly, ensuring you don’t compromise on fun and neither shell out money more than what your budget permits. Keep traveling, keep safe, and keep reading; cheers!

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