Is It Bad To Cook A Sweet Potato In The Microwave?

can you microwave a sweet potato

Of course it is not, in fact it is best that we cook sweet potatoes in the microwave. The sweet potatoes just like the Russet potatoes are filled with moisture and when we put this in the microwave it boils under the rays of the microwave. Thus by using a microwave you can cook them evenly and quickly. There are many ways in which you can cook the sweet potato in the microwave.

Here is the best possible way through which you can perfectly cook the sweet potato in the microwave.

How To Cook The Sweet Potato In The Microwave?

When you want to cook a delicious food and also do not have much time, then sweet potato is your perfect knight in shiny armor who can come to your food rescue. The sweet potato is the easiest yet some of the tastiest fast snacks that you can prepare in the microwave.

Microwaving sweet potatoes is easy and fast. You would get the best caramelization and sweetness when you microwave the sweet potato. In fact it would taste even better than the oven. You would get the crisp finish skin of the sweet potato and amazing flesh. You can eat it plain or with the topping of your choice.

cooking sweet potato in microwave

So Here Is The Step By Step Process To Microwave The Sweet Potato:

Step 1-Wash The Sweet Potato Thoroughly:

It is very important that you wash the sweet potatoes thoroughly under the running tap water. Hygiene should never be compromised. Scrub the sweet potato with the scrubbing brush. After washing you should dry the potato with a clean cloth or paper towel. This process is very important if you are keen on eating the sweet potato skin.

can you microwave sweet potatoes

Step 2- Poke The Skin Of The Sweet Potato With The Fork:

If you don’t want your sweet potatoes to explode in the microwave then you should poke them with the fork. In the microwave the heat builds up between the skin and the flesh of the sweet potato and if there is no route to escape it would explode. So it is a safe practice to poke some 7- 8 holes into it. But there are some points to be taken care of, there should not be any deep or big holes as it may break down the whole stuff.

can i microwave a sweet potato

Step 3- Always Wrap The Sweet Potato For Cooking:

Take a full-sized paper towel and hose it with cold water. Delicately press out the abundance water and take care not to tear the towel. Lay the towel level on a microwavable plate and spot your sweet potato in the focal point of the paper towel. Cover the potato by freely collapsing the sides of the paper towel over it.

how do you microwave a sweet potato

  • The wet paper towel will give a steaming impact while microwaving your sweet potato.

  • This will likewise assist with keeping the potato sodden and keep it from contracting, and it will likewise bring about milder skin.

  • Never use aluminum foil for microwave cooking! Try not to enclose your sweet potato by metal foil while cooking in the microwave. This will cause sparking and is a potential fire danger. Doing this will likewise break your microwave.

Step 4- Check Whether The Sweet Potato Is Done Or Not:

Be cautious while taking out the sweet potato from the microwave. Both the potato and the plate will be hot. The potato should respect firm weight yet not be excessively mushy. If the potato is excessively firm, microwave again for brief increments, until cooked through.

cooking sweet potatoes in the microwave

You can check if a potato is cooked by putting a fork in the inside; if the fork goes in effectively, however the middle is still somewhat firm, the potato is prepared. If all else fails, it is ideal to decide in favor of undercooking, as an overcooked potato may consume or blast in the microwave.

Step 5- Let The Sweet Potato Cool:

If you are sparing a potato for somebody who’s running late, enveloping the potato by aluminum foil will keep it warm for an amazingly significant time-frame. Simply make certain to do this when it comes out of the microwave, to save however much warmth as could reasonably be expected.

best way to microwave a sweet potato

Open up your potato totally and dispose of the soggy paper towel. It’s a smart thought to let your sweet potato cool down for around five minutes. This permits the center of the potato to complete the process of cooking utilizing the warmth that is caught in the internal layers. It likewise causes it to get cushioned within without over-drying outwardly.

Step 6- Now Enjoy The Savory Meal:

Now when it is all done and cooled you can now enjoy the sweet potato and taste its sweetness in your taste buds. It is your choice to have it with its natural taste or with some sauce.

make sweet potato in microwave

There are many sauces available that can be taken with the sweet potato. The sauces not only enhance the taste of the sweet potato but also makes the meal more delicious and interesting.

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