Cosmetic Dentistry Trends On The Rise In 2022

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Two years after COVID-19 changed the world, people and industries are slowly reclaiming what was lost. Among the many industries, the dental industry is thriving. Its prosperity is estimated to increase twofold by 2027. Aside from the boon in dental care, the industry also sees new trends and interesting innovations emerge.

Emotional Dentistry and Digital Smile Design

This interesting trend involves the mental and emotional aspects of a person’s smile. Emotional dentistry uses techniques and technologies to predict a virtual image of the patient after the procedure. This amazing feature allows the patient to decide if the oral surgery is right for them or if they should consider other options. This type of dentistry hopes to achieve the perfect smile the patient has always wanted.

A smile is a body’s response to happiness. When exposed to something that gives you a positive experience, the chemicals inside will make you smile. Your smile is also contagious to others, making it a beneficial part of your appearance.

Improving your smile is part of cosmetic dentistry that includes other products to improve teeth appearance like teeth whitening, fixing misaligned teeth, covering gaps, etc. Now that people are slowly taking off their masks, the desire to improve their teeth and smile is also returning.

Emotional Dentistry and Digital Smile Design

Teledentistry and Telehealth

One of the most expected trends due to the pandemic is telehealth – with teledentistry along with it. Telehealth allows access to areas that were not normally possible. It solved the issue of most rural areas where some people cannot easily obtain health care or dental care.

While telehealth is lacking in direct care, it has been proven just as effective as in-person consultations. This result is proven true in dentistry as well. Thanks to teledentistry, the patient receives diagnosis and treatment plans as if they were visiting a local dental clinic.

Even though most people are slowly returning to normal operations, teledentistry continues to provide value for patients who do not have access to dental clinics. This example proves that teledentistry is here to stay and is not affected by pandemic protocols.

Teledentistry offers many benefits, such as access to more specialists and improved oral hygiene education. With it, podcasts and interviews with dental professionals are readily available on the internet.

Aside from that, some people are nervous about going to the dentist. Easy access to online consultations help them to feel less uncomfortable.

Teledentistry and Telehealth

Laser Dentistry

This type of oral surgery is another significant trend in cosmetic dentistry. Some dental procedures were performed using invasive treatments, which tend to be painful. Thanks to laser dentistry, it is possible to fill cavities or repair damaged gums without the need for previous painful procedures.

Laser dentistry is also used to replace dental treatments like removing cavities, replacing dental drills, and repairing fillings for better results. The impact of laser dentistry on cosmetic dentistry is unmatched, seeing that lasers are highly versatile.

3D Printing

3D printing is fast becoming more mainstream as the years go by. The global market for this unique manufacturing process is estimated to grow by 20% in 2028. 3D manufacturing will prove beneficial for many industries, including cosmetic dentistry.

3D printing promises lower costs and more accessibility to customized products. It uses resin to create objects which allow quick production of custom dentures, crowns, bridges, and other dental supplies. This trend may not be new, but it allows the patient to benefit from custom 3D products in less time.

3D Printing


The focus on comfort and convenience is a trend brought about by technological advancements, specifically smartphones. Because brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close due to the pandemic, people had little to no choice but to rely on online deliveries and shopping.

The demand for easy access to healthcare was brought front and center due to the pandemic, and cosmetic dentistry is no exception.

Dental websites have become mobile-friendly. Patients can now book appointments or avail themselves of professional services with just a few swipes. Online payments are also made easier than before.


Most of these cosmetic dentistry trends revolve around improving patient experience. The pandemic made people realize the importance of convenience and accessibility of health services. All of these trends also made use of technology that improved traditional methods.

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