A Look At Some Delicious Hotspot Menu

If you want to try something delicious and different in taste to your regular dishes, then you should definitely try out any tasty meals that are offered by the Hotspot Islamabad. With the help of the Hotspot Islamabad, you will be able to order your food without any hassle and enjoy the delicious meal at your home. To help you out, this article will take a look at some delicious meals from the hotspot menu.

A Look At Some Of The Delicious Meals On Offer By The Hotspot:

  • If you are someone whose favorite dishes include chicken, then you should definitely check out the chicken and mushroom pot pie from the hotspot. This dish includes juicy chicken breast with sweet corn and mushroom together to offer a tasty treat and it also includes the hotspot special garlic mashed potatoes. This dish is priced at RS.450 only.

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  • If you want to try something sweet and to treat your sweet tooth, there are a wide range of dessert cuisines that you should not definitely miss out. Combined with the rich taste of cheese and chocolate chips cookie dough, you should definitely try out the chocolate chips cookie dough Cheese cake. This dish comes with a large sized vanilla chip ice cream scoop sandwiched between two chocolate chips cookies that are fresh baked. This amazing dessert dish is only priced with RS. 650. You can also try out another dish, which is Alfredo and this dish is only priced at RS.495.
  • There are more delicious tasty treats that you should not miss out, when you are ordering your meal from Hotspot. If you love nutella, then you shouldn’t miss out the Nutella Cookie Ice cream sandwich, where a large scoop of nutella ice cream is delicately sandwiched between two nutella filled cookies which are freshly baked. It is priced at RS 495. There is also Chocolate nutella brownie, which is served with whipped cream and it is priced at RS 430.
  • If you want to try something filled with chocolate, other than nutella, then you should take a look at Squidgy Chocolate cake, which is a cake combined with the rich dark chocolate mousse and it is embedded with two light layers of dark chocolate frosting. It is priced at RS 450. You can also try out the Chocolate bread pudding and it is price starts from RS 260. Another bestseller that you shouldn’t miss out is the Killer chocolate brownie and it is served with ice cream and sauce and its price starts from RS 260.

  • There are also wide ranges of espresso and juices available by the Hotspot and some of the drinks that you can try out are: Fruity lemonade slush priced at RS 350. You can also try out the fruity lassi, which is priced at: RS350. If you are a coffee lover, then you can order the hotspot whipped coffee, which is priced at RS 320 and also iced mocha at RS 340.

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