DIY Home Improvement Projects For Beginners

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Whether you want to update an outdated home or fix an issue, DIY home improvement projects can be fun and cost-effective. You can upgrade your home by replacing a leaky faucet, dated cabinet handles, or floor tiling. You can even repaint a room or the front door of your house to give it a modern look.

While some home improvement projects, such as whole house renovation or kitchen remodeling, need a lot of skills and time, they only require a little knowledge and simple tools. There are plenty of home improvements that anyone can do easily, no matter if you’re new to the DIY scene or a seasoned DIYer.

Here’s A List Of The Easiest DIY Home Improvement Projects For Beginners

1. Paint The Walls

Giving your room a fresh coat of paint is the easiest DIY home improvement project for beginners. However, before you start painting your room, be sure to check your region’s climate. Living in a place like Texas, where the subtropical humidity is detrimental to painting, choosing a paint that can withstand severe weather conditions is essential.

Ensuring the quality of your paint will give your outdated walls a splash of color and hide any scratches or chips. Besides quality paint, you also need a paint roller, a few brushes, painter’s tape, and a wall cleaner to get the job done.

Another thing to consider before your start painting your walls is to move your furniture and other expensive stuff to a self-storage unit to keep them safe. Those living in Texas can easily find storage units near them. If you’re in Forney, look up storage Forney Tx solutions and move your belongings there while you paint your interior walls.

2. Add Shelves In The Garage

Installing shelves is a simple project to organize your garage, allowing for improved storage capacity. It’s also one of the most straightforward Do-It-Yourself projects you can embark on. All that is needed is a hammer, stud finder, and screwdriver – tools readily available at most hardware stores or online retailers.

You could construct the shelves yourself if you are feeling creative; however, this may require an extra skillset compared to buying them from the market – perfect for those newbies out there!

Before buying shelves, you should consider what size racks you need and how you’ll mount them. You can mount the shelves either with screws or by adding a bracket. Mounting a shelf with brackets is durable and holds more weight than a screw-mounted shelf. But frames cost more than screws.

It all comes down to why you want to add a shelf. If you want it to hold heavy tools and equipment, you should add shelves with brackets. If you want a cost-effective option, you can use the screw-mounted option.

3. Install Vinyl Flooring

When you’re fed up with your squeaky hardwood or outdated tiles, don’t despair! Replacing the flooring can be inexpensive and labor-free with this DIY project! Vinyl flooring provides an economical yet elegant solution.
Vinyl is available in sheets, tiles, and luxury planks. As well as being water resistant and easy to keep clean, it’s perfect for a bathroom or kitchen floor.

So why not spruce up those tired-looking rooms without breaking the bank?

Vinyl flooring comes in various designs and patterns so you can choose any style. The self-adhesive ability of vinyl flooring is self-adhesive. Just peel and stick it to the floor. A few basic tools include a floor roller, a scraper, a chalk line, a leveler, measuring tape, and an adhesive trowel.

4. Replace A Faucet

If you have a leaky faucet, now is the right time to replace it. And if you know how to use a wrench, you may be able to do it yourself. Installing a new faucet is not difficult contrary to what you might think. It is especially true if your new faucet has the same hole configuration as the old one.

You would only need a wrench to replace your faucet.
As a first step, you should close the water supply. You can easily do it by turning the knob under your sink. After that, you must use the wrench to remove the old faucet and then screw in the new one.

5. Install A Barn Door

Sliding barn doors add character and unique touch to a house. They are functional, stylish, and versatile options you can use to increase the beauty of your home. Sliding doors are also space-saving and are perfect for smaller homes.

If you struggle with little room space, add a sliding door to save some space. Installing a sliding door is easy as well. All you need to do is install the hardware on the wall and hang the door on the track.

6. Swap Out Cabinet Handles

Want to change the looks of your boring kitchen but don’t want to break the bank? Try swapping your old cabinet handles for new and better ones. Although it doesn’t seem that cabinet handles would make much difference, they can completely change the look of your cabinets for the better.

You can choose cabinet handles or knobs that better match your interior design. Installing cabinet handles is a pretty simple job anyone can do. You only need a screwdriver to change the cabinet handles. It is probably the easiest yet most fun DIY project you can tackle.

7. Paint Your Front Door

While painting your rooms give a beautiful makeover to your interiors, giving a fresh coat of paint to the front door makes your home seem more inviting. In addition to that, it is also a fun-to-do project. You can choose a vibrant color for the front door to make it stand out from all the houses in the neighborhood.

All you need to repaint your front door is a quarter of paint and a few brushes. A pro tip is removing all the hardware, hinges, or locks before painting your front door.


DIY home renovation projects seem intimidating, especially if you’re a newbie. However, they don’t have to be. Starting from the basic renovations, anyone can start DIY home improvements. Home improvement projects such as painting doors and walls, replacing cabinet handles, installing vinyl floors, and building shelves are easy enough to do, even for beginners.

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