What Is The Process Of Installing Epoxy Flake Floor

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The durability and aesthetic beauty have made epoxy flake floor the best flooring option. This effective building material is stain-resistant and easy to maintain and gives a seamless finish. For these reasons, it is the ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

The flake flooring has the ability to withstand high foot traffic and heavy machine or tools’ load. Because of its slip-resistance feature, the floors are right for wet areas such as laundry areas, malls, etc.

So, if you want to add flake flooring to your place, get it done by the professionals. However, keep reading the article to know more about its installation.

What Is The Process Of Installing Epoxy Flake Floor

Step By Step Installation Process Of Epoxy Flake Flooring

Step 1: Cleaning The Floor

The first step should be cleaning the surface to remove any kind of stain. To clean the loose dust from the floor, use a broom, or a compressed air cleaner. Moreover, you can wipe up hard stains like grease, oil spills, etc. with the help of concrete cleaning products.

Apply the cleaners directly to the surface and scrub it off using a stiff bristle brush. Different types of stains may need various treatments. You can also utilize a pressure washer to clean up the firm dirt from the concrete.

Cleaning The Floor

However, if stains are too difficult to remove using concrete cleaning products, other highly recommended options are a sander, high-power grinder, and sandblaster. These tools easily remove the dirt, smoothen the floor surface and make it perfect for epoxy coating. This procedure is especially necessary if old epoxy paint, resin, or sealant are present on the surface.

Step 2: Preparation Of The Floor Surface

Once the floor is properly cleaned, it should also be checked for defects that require special attention before proceeding forward with flake flooring installation. For instance, repairing cracks or chips and filling up joints. As a result, it will level up the floor surface evenly.

Fill the cracks using high-quality sealants to smooth out the surface. Ensure to repair all the defects before applying the primer. The last action in this step is acid-etching the floor. It will improve the roughness of the surface and assure the proper sticking of the epoxy coating to the concrete.

preparation of the floor surface

Mix the acid etch with water by following the manufacturer’s direction. Use a plastic basket or a garden sprayer for preparing the solution. Then, apply the mixture to the wet floor and spread it using the stiff bristle brush.

For the appropriate distribution of acid etch solution, work in sections. As the epoxy flooring cost ranges in square feet. So, for the 60-70 square feet of floor surface, 1⁄4 gallon of acid etch is required. In addition, make sure to wear the proper PPE which includes rubber boots, gloves, long sleeve shirts, face protection, safety goggles, and long pants.

After the completion of the procedure, use the garden hose to clean the surface entirely. Let the floor dry thoroughly at least for three or four weeks. Ensure to have the proper ventilation in the room which allows for fast drying.

Step 3: Prime The Floor

Primer is the essential product for successful flake flooring installation, especially in high-traffic areas. Apply a thin coat of high-quality primer on the surface with the help of a spray or a roller. Avoid over-coating as it can lead to puddling.

Prime The Floor

The effectiveness of primer creates a strong base for the application of epoxy paint. Let it dry for 2 or 3 hours. The high humidity might need more drying time.

Step 4: Apply The Epoxy Paint

Keep in mind, before proceeding forward, again make the floor free from any dust and dirt with the help of an air compressor. Once the whole surface is well-prepped for coating, it is a suitable time to apply epoxy paint.
Before applying the epoxy paint, cover the edge of the room walls using painter’s tape. Additionally, use plastic to shield the areas where the possibility for the paint splashing is more like walls, windows, etc.

Mix the resin and hardener in the right proportion according to the manufacturer’s direction. Prepare the smooth solution using a paddlewheel mixer, drill, and mixing bucket. The best way of application is in sections that fasten up the applying and drying process as well.

Apply The Epoxy Paint

As the epoxy flooring price may vary according to the dimension of the space, the requirement of the epoxy paint will depend on it. Once you finalize the size of the room, start mixing the products accordingly that should be enough to cover a particular section. Preparing the epoxy solution in a bulk can lead to its dryness which can be a little challenging to apply. Just as the mixture gets well-merged, you can start the application of a thin coating.

Use the proper PPE and spiked shoes while working on the floor surface. With the support of a roller, spread the paint evenly. To remove the air bubbles, ensure to apply the epoxy paint using a squeegee, creating a smooth appearance of the coating on the surface.

Step 5: Add Decorative Flakes

Add the decorative flakes when the floor surface is a little bit wet as it allows the proper adherence. Pour all the flakes into a small bucket and then take a handful of them and toss them up towards the ceiling. This process is effective as it causes the uniform distribution of the chips on the entire surface.

Add Decorative Flakes

Additionally, it prevents the flakes from gathering over small spots. Continue to spread them in the same manner until the desired result is achieved. Allow drying overnight. If there is humid weather, it may take more days. Do not forget to slightly sweep up the loose flakes with the help of a soft broom. Here, your appealing flake flooring is ready to add aesthetic beauty to your space.

Summing Up

The epoxy flake flooring can change the entire look of your home, office, and more places with its appealing grace. As this article mentioned all the installation steps of the floor, implementing them in the right manner can enhance its usefulness for a longer period.

So, take all the steps into consideration and give the floors a sparkling and beautiful flecked look.

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