Full Crystal Window Cleaner Reviews

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full crystal window cleaning reviews

Cleaning of windows is every house owner’s nightmare, and if you have a story house then it would be the worst. There is one product in the market that promises to change this nightmare into a happy dream, and that is the Full Crystal window cleaner.

You must have seen this amazing product on your Tv, and must have heard about its amazing ability to clean even the high windows even without climbing the ladder.

This product also promises to leave your house windows streak free and pristine clean, without the hassle of removing the screen. So is this product worth the hype or just has empty promises. Let’s find out together.

How does the Full crystal window cleaner work?

This product comes in a box which contains the cleaning crystals, the lid, spray bottle, spray nozzle and booklet containing the warnings and instructions. The price of the whole set would be around $20 and the refill would cost you around $10.

The bottle can be easily attached to the general garden hose, which makes the whole process easy and quick. This you must have already seen on the TV.

full crystal full exterior reviews

Here is a step by step process to be followed:

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  • The Crystals should be put in the water and mixed with water: This is the first step, and the important point to remember in this step is that you should make sure that the crystals are fully dissolved to avoid soap streaks. For this you need to shake the solution before using it.

  • Attach the garden hose: To enable you to alternate between the soapy water and clean water you need to attach the hose at the end of the full crystals window cleaner’s lid. This product fits with a standard garden hose so you need not to worry about the fitting of the hose.

  • Study the bottle controls: Take some time to see how the different controls work on this bottle. The small black liver on the top is for switching off and on the hose water. On the right side of the bottle there is a small red hole. You should place your finger onto it to release soap water.

  • Alternating between clean water and soap water: You should spray the full crystal solution on your windows to remove debris and all kinds of dirt and even cobwebs. The solution dissolves the grime and dirt and gives you pristine clean windows. After this use the clean water to remove the soap before it dries.

  • The nozzle should be used correctly: When you are washing the ground windows the nozzle should be aligned horizontally. While the vertical alignment can be used to clean car windows. When cleaning the high windows the nozzle needs to be put off.


Does the Full crystal really work?

full crystal full exterior

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  • It can project water up to 27 feet in height: The Full crystal makes an excellent option to clean high windows. Therefore all the hassle and awkwardness of extended poles can be avoided and also risk of using ladders can also be avoided.

  • It is harmless to plants: One of the major concerns of every house owner is whether using this solution would harm their precious garden, well no this product is 100% harmless to the plants, as the ingredients used to make this are friendly to plants.

  • It is your one step rinsing and cleaning mechanism: On account of the air hole on the right, you can sprinkle your windows with a cleanser at that point followed by clean flushing water. The way that the full crystals disintegrate soil and grime goes about as a scrubbing substitute. This spare you heaps of time as well as disposes of the dreary procedure of customarily cleaning windows.

  • Cleans both screens and windows simultaneously: This product helps you clean the windows and screen simultaneously, which saves you a lot of your precious time and energy.


Pros and Cons of Full Crystal Window Cleaners:

The Pros of Full Crystal Window Cleaner

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  • The screens and windows can be cleaned at the same time.

  • There is no need for any ladder to clean the high windows.

  • You can clean your car, windows or patio with it, it is a multipurpose cleaning option.

  • You can switch between rinsing and washing


fuller brush window crystals

Cons of the full crystal window cleaner

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  • A lot of water is needed for cleaning high end windows.

  • This can flood your house as the water often leaks inside.


Tips and warnings on full crystal window cleaner:

High pressure water: This product is made in such a way that it spray water up to 25 feet. This is due to high pressure water. This also eliminates any chances of streak forming which is a big menace during window cleaning.

It gives best results in soft water: The full crystal cleaner gives the best results in soft water, as in hard water there is a problem of streak formation.

It is not safe for children and pets: The instructions on this cleaner specify that you get it far from pets and children. Thus, ensure you water down your yard in the wake of cleaning your windows to wash off the solution. You may likewise need to wash up subsequent to cleaning particularly if you have delicate skin.

The Wrap Up

There is no denying the fact that there are window cleaners that may be better than the full crystal cleaner. But there are many factors which make this product stand out and make it a coveted window cleaner.

The crystals have the ability to always wash every grime and dirt from the windows of anywhere else for that matter and that too with very little effort. So it is definitely worth the hype and should be given a try.

It would indeed be a boon to all your window cleaning hassles. So the final verdict is that in spite of its minor flaws the full crystal window cleaner is a winner and is a must have.

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