Top 5 Hallmark of A Good Relationship

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Building and maintaining a healthy relationship takes a lot of effort and maturity from both parties. You must be ready to understand and create something meaningful with your companion. Many people keep hovering and find it difficult to commit because of past relationships or traumatic events that took a toll on them. Some have struggled with letting their guard down or staying connected with who they are dating because they are scared of getting hurt or heartbroken.

Love is beautiful and springs happiness and satisfaction if you can find new ways to sustain it, irrespective of your past relationships. It may be hard for some individuals to fall in love, but it is harder to maintain love in a relationship. Some fundamentals could push your efforts in the right direction to build a healthy bond.

1: Maintain honest communication with your partner

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Whether you are just starting a new relationship by looking at dating services near me or have been in one for a while, never lie about who you are to your partner. Honest and transparent communication is one of the central pillars of a healthy relationship. Learn to express yourself in front of your partner and never hide how you feel about specific changes in your alliance. There is room for compromise and adjustments when there is a steady flow of communication between partners. When your partner understands your feelings and needs, they will do better if a similar situation arises in the future.

Open communication can also breed a comfortable relationship, where both individuals involved trust each other and are not afraid to be vulnerable around each other. It is one of the tips for building a healthy relationship.

2: Spend quality time with your partner

Quality time is another pillar of a healthy relationship, as psychology proves that people grow fond of who they spend the most time with, even in a negative situation. If there are no physical restrictions, you must be with your partner at every opportunity or go out on dates. It shows them that you care and you are always thinking about them. You can try exciting activities with your boyfriend like paintballing, camping, taking an art class together, etc.

Simple things like going for an evening stroll with whoever you are dating or picking out a gift for a close friend can also help sustain emotional connections in your relationship. If you do not give your partner the needed attention, or you hardly have time to spare for them, you may end up emotionally disconnected.

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3: Learn to compliment each other

Compliments are like cake toppings, as they are little kind words that can make an individual feel special. Learn to throw positive compliments at your partner from time to time. If he recently got a job, let him know how proud you are and his efforts. You should tell your girlfriend how beautiful she is when she wears a new outfit. Always make your partner feel special and watch how they light up when you give positive compliments or say something unique about them.

4: Be thoughtful

Aside from yourself, try to sense and understand your partner’s emotions through the dating phase of your relationship. Think about them if you want to make any major life decisions, as you want to share significant moments with them. You can also send simple gifts or share funny messages to cheer them up if you think they had a stressful day.

When you are thoughtful, you can understand what your partner needs and know the right words to say. You should also think if you need to listen or hug them instead of shouting at them when upset.

5: Be physically intimate with your partner

Physical intimacy does not only mean sex, as there are other forms of physical expressions of affection. Although good sex is essential for a healthy relationship, it is not an activity two people in a fast-paced life can frequently indulge in. This is why partners must practice other forms of intimacy, such as holding hands, cuddling, kissing, etc. You can cuddle while watching a night-time movie and eating some popcorn after work, or hold hands while eating in a local diner.

Every form of physical intimacy should be consensual and should not be forced on your partner. You should realize and respect when you are not allowed to express any physical touch on your partner.


In a relationship, external factors would take your time, as you can not grow by only hanging out with your partner. There are seasons where your bubbling career would take your time, and if you have kids, you’ll have to give them the required attention. But, never leave your partner lacking attention to the point where it can affect your relationship.

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