Five Healthy Foods To Eat When You Are Pregnant

During your pregnancy, there is a lot of extra calcium and protein that you need to consume in order to give your fetus the nourishment that it needs to grow and develop as it is supposed to. By following a diet that includes nutritious and healthy foods you not only keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy but you also ensure good health for your growing fetus. There are five healthy foods that are particularly important for consumption by pregnant women which you can keep in mind when wondering about the best foods to eat while you are with child.

Foods to eat in pregnancy

Food That Needs To Eat During Pregnancy

Dairy Products

Dairy products are very good for pregnant women. Dairy products are known to contain two very high-quality protein substances in them namely whey and casein. Dairy also constitutes a rich source of calcium while also providing you with the correct amount of phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin B. Yogurt particularly Greek Yogurt can prove to be highly beneficial for pregnant women. There are some dairy products which are also known to contain pro-biotic bacteria that support digestive health. If you are lactose intolerant then consuming yogurt, especially the pro-biotic yogurt will be a good thing to do.


Legumes are also healthy foods which you can consume in order to keep yourself fit and fine in the course of your pregnancy. Popular examples of legumes include peanuts, soya beans, chickpeas, beans, peas, and lentils. Lentils are a wonderful source of protein, iron, fiber and folate. It also includes calcium which the body requires a lot of during pregnancy. There are some varieties of legume that contain very high concentrations of iron in them which can prove to be quite beneficial as iron gives pregnant women the strength that they need to go through a smooth and efficient childbirth process.

Sweet Potatoes

When you are pregnant, including sweet potatoes in your daily diet can turn out to be quite a wise idea. Sweet peas have a rich concentration of beta-carotene which is a plant compound that then gets converted into an important vitamin-like Vitamin A in your body.

salmon in pregnancy


Salmon is another wonderful healthy food that you can include in your diet as a pregnant woman. Salmon is a natural source of omega 3 and vitamin D both of which are otherwise usually missing from the regular diet of people, including pregnant women. Taking a lot of omega 3 is absolutely essential for you during pregnancy as doing so helps in developing the eyes and the brain of the fetus. Cooking is also a fact in healthy food for the right digestion.


Eggs need to form a crucial part of your diet when you are pregnant. Large eggs contain high quality fat and protein and as many as seventy seven calories in them. Eggs also constitute a vital source of Choline which is essential for several processes in the human body including general health and brain development.

Thus, there are quite a few essential healthy foods which you can incorporate in your daily diet to maintain good health during your pregnancy.

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