How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal At Home?

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The poor cellular signal can be caused by signal-blocking buildings or issues with the network carriers. You face hassles making calls, browsing social media channels, sending SMS, etc. Of course, all of these activities are possible when you have better cellular coverage. Luckily, no matter whatever the reason is, boosting network range at home is easy with achieving the maximum number of signal bars. You can buy a mobile phone signal booster or install network extenders. Also, smartphones these days provide the convenience of Wi-Fi calling. Isn’t it great!!

Not all individuals enjoy uninterrupted mobile networks in their homes, especially those in rural areas. So, in this write-up, we will discuss the effective tips to achieve a quick and strong cellular signal at your residence

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how to boost cell signal at home

Tips to Improve Mobile Network Coverage Within Your Home

Try Using Mobile Data in Other Home Areas

There are always the chances that cellular coverage is uneven in the homes. Some home areas may have good signal strength while others may lack an internet connection. The reasons can be anything like carrier tower distance and direction or the tall trees around the homes. Moreover, it could be the heavy building materials obstructing the signal reception.

Here, diagnosing the varying issues that are causing cell phone reception in the home is required. Identify the home area nearest to the tower direction and establish the setup there. You can also find improved connectivity near the window, on any house’s side, or the terrace.

Furthermore, you can connect with other carriers to compare the network coverage and switch to a better option.

Utilize Wi-Fi Calling Feature

Good Wi-Fi can be a suitable alternative and solution to poor cellular service inside the home. Turning on the Wi-Fi feature ensures no more patchy calls and uninterrupted messaging. Instead of using mobile data, you can make calls over Wi-Fi. All of the homes these days have a Wi-Fi setup. This means you can use the existing routers. Thus, saving you from any additional expenses of installing the new devices. You can simply improve the signal quality of Wi-Fi and all your devices in the home can make the most out of it.

This feature functions by connecting the device automatically to the Wi-Fi network when you are inside the house. Whenever you step outside the house, your SMS or calls will be directed to the cellular network. No interruptions occur at all.

Invest in a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Buying a reliable cellular signal booster is a great way to enhance the network coverage inside the home. It receives the weak signal, amplifies it, and rebroadcasts to offer better connectivity. Thus, assuring faster data, improved calling, and more. Usually, it involves 3 components. These are:

Indoor antenna: An indoor antenna, which is installed within the house, broadcasts the stronger cellular signal evenly across the home to guarantee connectivity.

Booster Unit: It is the element that the external antennae send signals to. Then it corrects the signal to make it dependable so that indoor devices can use it without interruption.

Outdoor Antenna: This component is mounted on the house’s side or the roof. It is sturdy to draw in the weak signals and amplify them that the smartphones may fail to catch.

how to increase cell phone signal

Install Reliable Network Extenders

Typically, the devices that create cell signals inside the home are network extenders. It is a good option if there are many barriers in your home that interfere with cellular signals.

There is no requirement to replace your router because these can function well with the existing one. It improves both outside coverage and the network’s overall reach.

Keep Your Device’s Software Up-to-Date

Take the messages into account sent by the carrier, especially those regarding the software update. After all, if your phone is not up-to-date, the chances rise of your device failing to connect to the nearest tower. Turning on the “Auto Update” option keeps the phone and cellular tower refining the signals. Thus, boosting the call quality.

Use Femtocells

A femtocell can be said to be a cellular base station. It connects the cellular network through a broadband connection. Thus, making it convenient to call or text whether there are no signal bars at all inside the home. Furthermore, having the Wi-Fi calling feature enabled on your device eliminates the need for additional hardware installation. Also, it can broadcast signals to older mobile devices with no Wi-Fi calling feature.

The femtocells can be more affordable than the repeaters and mobile signal boosters. Plus can function similarly and provide improved cellular service in the house.

Update the Network Settings

Regularly upgrading network settings is crucial, just like updating the phone’s software. Depending on the mobile device you use, the network settings will remain the same. To check if any of those deliver quality reception, you can also unplug the phone from the current network and search for a new one.

Switch Mobile Network Carriers

All the carriers come with the different network coverage. So, when you find the signal strength is low in any specific home area, switching to another carrier can be a good idea. There can be the reason that the carrier simply does not fit into your location. But remember that no carrier can help you there if signal-blocking materials or topography are the reason for obstruction.

Additional Ways to Achieve Better Cell Phone Reception at Home

Try Enabling and Disabling Airplane Mode

Turning on and off the airplane mode makes the phone find a good network. This tactic is helpful as phones sometimes fail to automatically choose the best network coverage.

Check Phone Sim Card

Do you remember when you cleaned the SIM card last time? You possibly need to clean and check for dirt and dust if it is not functioning rightly. You may also require replacing the SIM card.

Install DAS

You can install das antenna system in your home. These deliver a reliable multi-carrier network fulfilling the needs of everyone including guests, students, work-from-home employees, and more.


Weak signals are annoying. When regularly occurring in the home, the situation seems even worse. Poor signal reception is undoubtedly frustrating but is easy to fix too. You can follow these above-shared tips like try switching carriers, install mobile boosters, enjoy Wi-Fi calling feature, etc. All will contribute to improved internet connectivity, clear calling, and uninterrupted messaging.

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