How To Build An Investment App

This post was last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 02:15 pm

It’s time to determine what steps you need to take to create a mobile investment app.

Find A Reliable Technical Partner

Look for an experienced software provider to take your project at the raw idea stage and bring it to fruition.

Pass The Discovery Phase

Together with your technical partner, determine the basic details of the project, such as:

• Regulatory compliance
• Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features
• Platforms to cover
• Suitable tech stack
• Third-party integrations, etc.

Pay Attention To The Design

UI/UX plays a huge role in stock trading apps. Therefore, they should be easy to use. An experienced software provider can help you implement a great design.

Development And Testing

Once all the details are defined, developers can start building your app. Development is accompanied by quality assurance. Once the product is complete, all the features are thoroughly tested.

Release And Maintenance

When your investment application is ready, it can be launched in App Store and Google Play. You can continue cooperation with the software vendor to update the app and add new features.

Cost Of Investment App Development

As for the price of the investment app, it can vary greatly depending on many factors:

• Cooperation model: Hiring an in-house team will cost more than collaborating with an outsourced provider.

• Hourly rate: It will vary depending on the region you choose for cooperation.

• Set of features: The more features your application has and the more complex they are, the more expensive your development will be. If you want to reduce initial investments, you can build MVP and add more features gradually after the release.

• Selected platforms: The costs to develop an application for one platform (iOS or Android) will be lower. However, you can choose cross-platform development on Flutter.

On average, it takes about 1,500 hours to create an investment app for one platform. Therefore, at an hourly rate of $50, the cost would be approximately $75,000.

How To Monetize An Investment App

Another critical question is how to make money by creating an investment app. The most widespread monetization models are:

• Fees: You can charge a certain percentage of each transaction.

• Premium subscriptions: For a fee, users can gain access to premium features.

• Advertising: With in-app advertisements, you can generate additional revenue.

In addition, you can choose any other monetization model that seems acceptable to you.

If you are thinking about creating your app, it is a great idea. Find a reliable partner to help you make unique software that will get you ahead of the competition and bring you popularity.

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