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Is it your first time choosing a storage unit? Are you having trouble making a decision? We can help.

No doubt, renting a storage unit is a great space-saving strategy, whether you need to safely hold your items while moving or store them permanently after downsizing. Those needing storage have a secure, practical, and convenient choice in storage facilities. Most short-term and long-term storage facilities also provide a variety of services and unit sizes to suit your needs. Nevertheless, choosing the proper storage unit isn’t easy because there are many factors to consider. After all, you don’t want your belongings to be taken or destroyed while in storage. You also do not wish to pay a fortune for a big, mostly empty area.

With that in mind, what do you need to know to find the proper storage unit? We have you covered.

How to Choose the Best Storage Unit

The following tips will help you pick the best storage unit based on your needs.

1. Consider the size

When it comes to your storage unit, size counts. While considering the room’s square footage is essential, don’t overlook the ceiling level. To help you decide what size storage unit you’ll require, list the objects you intend to store there. You may need to check that some of the goods you intend to keep will fit in terms of both height and width. The price of your storage unit will also depend on its size.

2. Full-service versus self-service

In terms of how much accessibility you have to your belongings, self-service storage units and full-service storage units differ from one another. You can use your unit at a self-service storage facility and probably have your locks. A full-service unit has partial access, so you must provide advance notice when you need to access your possessions. In addition, if you don’t have a car, most full-service solutions will pick up and transport your stuff, which may be perfect. Self-service provides more flexibility, but full-service offers excellent protection if you intend to be gone for extended periods without needing to access your items.

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3. Location

Location and pricing are two factors that influence where you place your storage unit. Selecting a storage facility close by will make things simpler if you need to retrieve your items frequently. However, the location may not be as important as pricing if you keep your items for the summer. You may be able to locate a better deal because storage unit providers are occasionally less costly outside of urban areas, where demand may be higher.

4. Temperature

You can pick a storage unit that adjusts the temperature of its units depending on the type of stuff you’re holding. The unit might cost extra if you have any valuables that need a climate-controlled atmosphere. Still, it will guarantee that all your belongings will stay in good shape, especially if you leave them for several weeks.

5. Check for security

Nobody wants their belongings stolen. Because of this, most storage facilities include safety precautions to safeguard their units. Not all facilities, meanwhile, are as concerned with security as others. Access restrictions, video surveillance, personal security locks, and even security guards are examples of security measures. What you store there will determine how safe you want the facility to be. However, before deciding to work with a service, it is good to research its security protocols.

6. Times access

You should also consider when you can use your storage unit based on what you are storing. Many storage facilities are open around-the-clock, which is perfect if you have inventory or crucial business documents that you might need immediately. The only time some are open is during regular business hours. Remember that you’ll also need to be aware of the office’s opening hours. Even while you might have 24/7 access to your unit, there probably isn’t a direct correlation between those times and when you can talk to a staff member.

7. Insurance

To find out if they provide insurance plans, you should also inquire about each storage facility. It is a fantastic way to safeguard your finances if something happens to your unit. Always be careful to understand precisely what their proposed policy covers. Weather impact is typically covered, but you might wish to boost your coverage limit or add theft insurance. You can always choose third-party insurance if your unit does not provide the required coverage.

8. Cleanliness

Yes, hygiene is a crucial consideration when selecting a storage facility. Why? Because it may serve as a good predictor of how secure your belongings will be while being stored. A well-maintained facility will ensure that security measures are up-to-date, that there are no holes for vermin to crawl through, and that there are no fractures in the walls where water could enter. When inspecting a unit, check the corners for any evidence of pests, and make sure the security gates are in excellent condition. These signs will reveal whether the storage unit is reputable and well-managed.

9. Online reviews

Most likely, you will read the reviews on Amazon before making a purchase. You should unquestionably follow suit and look at a storage facility’s reviews. Remember that occasionally reviewers seem to be at the extremes; many are either extremely happy or disappointed with their experiences. But examine these evaluations for any patterns that might be emerging. Notice that clients are complaining about the same issues again. It may signify that you will also have the same problems and should look into other facilities.

10. Deals and discounts

It is crucial to check with each storage unit to discover what their offers are even when they are not visible qualities. For longer-term rentals, you might be able to negotiate a lower rate or perhaps receive a free month. It’s a brilliant idea to shop around to discover the most outstanding deal on the storage unit you want. Make sure to decide on the other characteristics you want in the unit first to compare facilities fairly.


So there you have a few quick, easy, and practical tips for choosing an excellent and functional storage unit. Overall, no one storage option is ideal for everyone. Everybody has different needs for extra storage space. You can choose the perfect storage unit for your personal or professional needs if you consider all the above factors.

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