A Guide On How To Use An Air Fryer To Cook?

An innovative creation of today is an ‘air fryer’ that is an amazing kitchen tool. This kitchen tool has made the life of both the working women and house-wives. With an air fryer it is very easy for them to cook food in less time and with less fat count. Some of us who don’t know about the features of this amazing kitchen tool must read this article to learn about the amazing facts, features and how to use these incredible air fryers. In this article, you will also learn that what items you can cook in an air fryer. And how it works?

How To Cook in air fryer

Some Handy Tips On How to Use Air Fryer to Cook?

It is not very difficult to use an air fryer to cook food. But it might be a little confusing for the newbies to use this kitchen gadget. But you need not worry about this as there is a complete guide on how to use air fryer to cook for those who are new to this gadget. Just follow these simple tips so that you can cook perfectly yummy food for yourself and for your loved ones.

  • Keep opening the fryer after with some intervals.
  • Open the air fryer and shake the food in the fryer food basket.
  • Always rotate the food after every 5-10 minutes.
  • Always cook in small batches.
  • Don’t overcrowd or overstuffed the air fryer food basket.
  • Keep spraying the oil on the food.
  • Never add a moist or wet in the air fryer food basket. Make sure that the food you are going to cook inside the fryer must be dry.

Follow these simple and easy tricks to cook perfect yummy and delicious food with greater ease, less effort and in less time.

Try Other Cooking Methods With Air Fryer:

Many people use the air fryer just to deep fry the food inside it due to its name. But in reality, an air fryer is designed in such a way and has such an amazing technology that it can be used to cook food by using other methods too. You can also do some baking, roasting as well as grilling by using the air fryer. Tests have been conducted and it has been revealed that these fryers can also be used to cook salmon in them too. So you can fry, roast, grill or bake your food In this amazing kitchen gadget. Cocina Española explained everything about cooking with air fryers you can check here http://www.cocina-espanola.es/.

Recipes that I can make in an Air Fryer:

Here are some of the yummy dishes that you can make in an fryer. You can cook delicious ‘Air Fried Seasoned French Fries, Air Fried Tonkatsu with Ginger Cabbage Slaw, Air Fried Chicken Wings, Crispy Potato Skin Wedges and Cheddar Bacon Croquettes’.

After reviewing the important facts about the air fryers, it is not wrong to say that this innovative kitchen gadget is a must tool for every kitchen shelf. These air fryers are very handy as well as very cost-effective to use.


Preparing a steak with the Airfryer