Interior Design Trends 2022 – Infographic

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2022 Interior Design Trends


With each new year comes the opportunity to rethink our rooms and make them more comfortable, stylish, and beautiful.

We’ve been taking mindfulness at home quite seriously over the last few years. Whether the pandemic has pushed our need for a more tranquil house to the top of our priority list, or we’re simply getting older, we’re ready for it.

We’re paying more attention than ever to the overall aesthetic and wellness of our houses. TikTok users are interested in interior design terminologies such as feng-shui (the theory of organizing places to produce balance), wabi-sabi (the art of discovering beauty in imperfection), and hygge (the impact of coziness on your well-being).

Some interior design ideas from the last few years will be around in 2022. It could be because we want to hold on to the sense of peace we created throughout the tumult of 2020. Minimalism, Scandinavian, neutrals, and Japandi are all popular design trends among decor enthusiasts worldwide.

However, some fresh trends are emerging that are the polar opposite of minimalism, urging us to embrace a more varied style of living, similar to maximalism, with TikTok playing a role.

We’ve rounded up the most popular and forward-thinking interior design choices for the year ahead, whether you’re giving a room, or even your entire home, an interior makeover this year, or if you just want to add a little 2022-flavored spice to your existing decor.

Check out the infographic below by EZ Living Interiors which takes a further look into ‘Interior Design Trends in 2022’.


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