Is Yogurt Good For Constipation?

Is Yogurt Good For Constipation

Constipation is a real night mare disease for some people. Everyone wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Constipation is a condition where one finds it difficult to have a bowel movement. Scientifically constipation is a condition where someone has less than three bowel moments a week as well as hard dry or lumpy stool.

Stool may look like a stone. Some people may also notice a swollen tummy or some traces of blood in stool. Constipation is a very common disease and about 16 of every 100 persons can have constipation.

Let’s quickly discuss the causes and symptoms of constipation:

If you are having a swollen or hard tummy, you are throwing small or very hard stool, you are feeling that something is still missed out inside tummy or you are having less than three bowel moments a week, you are having constipation.

If someone has one or lesser bowel moment, he has a severe constipation. Constipation is caused by insufficiency of fiber in the diet. Inadequate water intake, heavy meat eating and lack of exercise can also cause constipation. There are numerous factors which can cause constipation.

What Foods Can Cause Constipation:

what foods can cause constipation

If you are having constipation, it is necessary to have a look at your diet. The reasons for constipation stay in diet. Cheese and milk are the foods that must be blocked. Bananas, Caffeine, Chewing Gum, Gluten and white rice can cause constipation.

It is interesting to note that white rice produces constipation while brown rice makes it relieved. Coffee is another interesting product which is good for constipation removal but it can cause constipation, if you are dehydrated.

Yogurt and Constipation:

Some food items help in removing constipation by softening the stool and decreasing gut transit time. There are many fruits, seeds, vegetables and pulses which can release you out of the constipation situation. We must drink plenty of water and do some exercise to keep our selves healthy and it can help in reducing constipation as well.

Yogurt is a milk product but unlike other milk products which cause constipation, yogurt removes it. Yogurt has been used as a constipation reliever and modern science also proves that it is an aid to digestion.

It has cooling properties which can sooth the stomach’s inner lining. It can affect our flora and make digestion easier.

Yogurt has some microorganisms called probiotics. Probiotics are classified as Good Bacteria, means they are good for human health. Probiotics can help to improve gut health which may ultimately soften stool and remove constipation. Yogurt has a good concentration of these bacteria, which can treat upset pot.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt and they are touted for their ability to help human digest things easily. It is good to take those food items which have probiotics in them to keep our selves healthy. Yogurt is considered as a natural aid to remove constipation.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt

While taking yogurt for constipation removal, we must keep one thing in mind. All yogurts cannot remove our constipation because we may find different yogurts around us which have some taste additives or other type of additions which can make it heavy on our stomach and increase constipation.

types of yogurt

We must try and find natural yogurt made from fresh farm milk, which can have active probiotics. Active probiotics can help us get relief from constipation and make it easy to poop. Probiotics can aid us in digestion of lactose that is present in yogurt. So yogurt is in no way heavy on our stomach. We must prefer to purchase plain yogurt without any additives or extra sugar.

Scientific Research on Probiotics:

Yogurt has been used for removal of constipation for quite so long but scientifically it was proved in a study about its content; Probiotics. It was 1930, when the first clinical trial on good bacteria inside yogurt took place and it was named probiotic.

The main concern of researches was the relation between probiotics and constipation. They were amazed to know that Probiotics had a great impact on the intestinal tract. Probiotics were found to help eliminate and alleviate constipation. Probiotics are non-invasive means they can help to treat a lot of ailments.

Yogurt contains calcium, which can make our bones sturdier. Calcium can not only make our skeletons stronger it can also help in better immersion of nutrients. Yogurt also contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Potassium and magnesium.

All of these things are very good for health and digestible. Yogurt can not only remove constipation but it can also help us in other gastrointestinal conditions including gas, bloating and the infection which can cause gastric ulcers.

Probiotics present in yogurt can also enhance immunity and help our immunity system become stronger. So, make yogurt a part of your daily diet and stay healthy.

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