Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Review- Are They Worth It?

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The Kirby Company founded in 1914 is building reliable and innovative vacuuming solutions for commercial and industrial purposes.

It is a very popular household name in the US and also in many parts of the world. They have been the market leaders in this segment for a long.

But with the high quality and service, there is a burden of very steep prices attached to Kirby.

They have a marketing strategy of sending salesmen from door to door, showing the latest model of the company’s vacuum.

kirby vacuum cleaners

The purpose of this practice is to convince the customer into buying the new Kirby model leaving the old one. But the main question to seriously ponder is whether the vacuums are worth thousands of dollars as claimed by the company? This article would help you decide this for yourself. It would cover features, functioning, accessories and more, so that you can decide for yourself whether it is worth buying or not.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Review

Why Do People Like Kirby Vacuums?

One of the top reasons that people like Kirby Vacuums so much is because of its durability. They are extremely well-built vacuums which when kept in decent conditions and if taken good care can even last for 20 years or more.

Plus these can be brought with annual maintenance cover which means that you can replace your faulty parts every year.

This product also includes a HEPA filter technology which is prominent in eradicating harmful contaminants and dust from your house, which is very much helpful with people who have allergies.

kirby vacuum repair

With its TechDrive variable power assist technology which makes this machine tough on fine dust also. But all this has a price and makes it one hell of a heavy machine.

What Are The Features That The Kirby Vacuums Offer?

It all depends on the model of the vacuum cleaner. Upon which the Kirby offers the following:

  • HEPA Micron Allergen filtration.

  • A carpet shampoo system.

  • Self-propelled machine which can also be converted to handheld model.

  • Air pump

  • Upright Suction

  • Carpet shampoo system that is portable.

  • A hardwood Vacuum

  • Turbo powered Pet hair vacuum.

And may more features make this amazing Vacuum.

The best thing about this is that almost all the parts are made with aluminum which adds to the longevity of the machine.

One more thing which adds up to the popularity of this machine is the ability to combine the separate vacuum and carpet shampoo devices. This not only saves you money in the long run as you have to replace their vacuum and carpet shampoo every few years, but also would make the whole cleaning process more quicker and easier.

If you wish to enhance your accessories for the Kirby like, additional belts, bags and fans you can get it from anywhere offline in variety stores and online at Amazon and other ecommerce merchants.

kirby carpet cleaner

The removable parts that come with Kirby are multipurpose but they are hard to operate and get used to. Which makes the whole process related to attaching these parts to Kirby time consuming.

What Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Models Are Presently Available?

Ever since the invention of Vacuette in 1920, there has been a constant evolution of Kirby Vacuum cleaners. Brands like Hoover which also started in the same time frame are also innovating and producing great machines, but Kirby has stood firm and remained the most loved one throughout the ages. It was all due to constant introduction of new models with improved features.

So what are the different Kirby Vacuum cleaners available in the market?

new kirby vacuum

The Vacuums Are In Constant Evolution:

One thing that separates Kirby from all other manufacturers is that Kirby is constantly evolving. The company spends a lot on innovation and enhancement of their products. Therefore whenever you wish on buying a Kirby, you would always find the latest model available.

The technique that has made rounds in the market for the last few years is their water and dirt water separation technique. This and many such innovations are the reason that makes Kirby the most sorted and popular brand of the 21th century. They have been the market leaders since the birth of the company in 1914.

The Price Factor:

The Kirby’s would not cost you the world, but yet they would come in around $900 to 2500$. If you don’t have that much budget then also you can own a Kirby as there are many second options available online.

It may seem risky but used machines can be a pretty cool investment. Even if some fault arises then also the price for mending it is less than buying a new one. The faulty machines can anytime be repaired at any local vacuum repairing shops as Kirby makes sure that parts for their Vacuum models are available easily.

kirby sweeper

It’s An All In One Machine:

Kirby is famous for its multipurpose features. But the most prominent feature which makes this machine stand out and rule the world of Vacuum cleaner is the ability to hold it in hands, canister, carpet shampooer and an upright vacuum cleaner all in one. This feature saves you a lot of money that would have gone waste in buying separate carpet shampooer and separate vacuum.

This helps you vacuum cleaner to clean your mattress or couch and buff the floors. The pet hair vacuum which is turbo powered can pick even the minutest of hair from the floor, debris, pollens and more from hard surfaces and fragile surfaces equally. This allows you to clean your place efficiently and easily in the quickest possible time. This is a feat that no other vacuum can meet.

kirby avalir manual

There are few other vacuum cleaners also which are multifunctional such as Vax too have dry and wet vacuums for carpet cleaning. Therefore it is always helpful to do some research before investing your money in Kirby. A vacuum cleaner is a pretty hefty investment.

So it is always good to do some research before buying one. Watch a lot of reviews available, read articles about it, watch demo videos or visit someone already using it to get first hand experience.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

kirby vacuum

1. Kirby G3

First in line is the Kirby G3. This model is run on a feature known as TechDrive. It is a self-propelling drive system. This model is considered one of the heaviest of all Vacuum cleaners in the Kirby catalog.

It has a look of a retro-style vacuum cleaner. It attracts people who like simple looking models. But the old look of this machine can also be a turn off for many.

It was first introduced in the start of 1990’s and was on sale till 1993. It was a combination of high technology and simple vacuum cleaner. It was a great leap from the previous generation of vacuum cleaners.

Features of G3:

Toe Touch Control: In this feature the user can use their feet to unlock and lock the vacuum head and body. It makes the transition easy between cleaning modes and storage.

Belt Lifter: It is fitted with a belt lifter. Which is a device which rotates the hook which lowers and lifts the drive belt of the vacuum on and off the motor’s shaft. This feature allows the user to engage and disengage the brush roll when the vacuum is operating.

Tech Drive Power Assist: This is a technology to make the pull and push of the unit easier while the machine is functioning.

Adjustable Brush Role: The adjustable brush role in the G3 is designed to provide enhanced durability to the machine. With continuous usage the bristles of the brush roll wear down, the adjustable brush roll allows the user to manually extend the brush roll for further usage.



  • Powerful cleaning action

  • Adjustable brush role increases the life of vacuum

  • Toe-touch system makes it easy to transit between storage modes and cleaning

  • Power assisted motor that makes it easier for pulling and pushing of the vacuum across the floor


  • Corded Vacuum not so convenient

  • Heavy, which makes it difficult to lift it

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

kirby vacuum models

2. Kirby G4

Next in line is the Kirby G4. It was the next model that was developed after the G3. It gave smoother glide on the surfaces than G3 thanks to the improved TechDrive system.

It was also the first system to use the Magic Micro Filtration, an innovative new filtration system. This was the same technology which was developed later into HEPA filtration.

The G4 is a successor to the G3 and was released in 1993. It made various developments over G3 like the 3 position locking mechanism. This new technique made vacuum more maneuverable than any other Kirby model.


It has the G4 HEPA Vacuum Bags: It is compatible with Kirby’s Micron Magic feature, this is a new feature which has a HEPA filtration system which prevents the vacuum particles from escaping the bag. The company still provides customer service to the G4 owners and provides effective customer support and product replacement.

Belt Lifter: The G4 also comes with a belt lifter like G3. This allows the users to disengage and engage the brush rolls for replacement when needed.

Toe-Touch Control: The G4 has an upgraded feature in the toe-touch system. To make it more convenient to the user this system has 3 locking mechanisms. This enhances the maneuverability which is a very beneficial feature as the vacuum is heavy.

Tech Drive Power Assist: Like G3 the G4 also possess TechDrive technology providing an effortless vacuuming action.



  • The new three-position lock system makes it easier to handle.

  • The HEPA micro magic system helps to contain the dust inside the bag only, which is helpful for people with allergies.

  • The cleaning actions are made easier through the power assisted motor.

  • The belt lifter makes it easier to replace brushes.

  • The adjustable roll height increases the durability of the machine.


  • Cumbersome and unwieldy

  • Not suitable for smaller areas.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

kirby vacuum models by year

3. Kirby G5

The Kirby G5 was the answer to the problems faced by the previous two models. When the metal object or any other hard object was sucked by the machine, it caused significant damage to the plastic fan blades.

This meant that either you had to call the Kirby mechanic for the repair or you would need to replace the fan blade. The G5 solved this issue with a new Kevlar fan. With this the attachment and the overall look was also improved.

It was on sale from 1997 and until 1999 and was better than the previous models. It was in continuation with Kirby’s product evolution.


Lexan Fan Blade: Look wise the G5 is similar to the previous models but yet it had some improvements in the vacuum technology. It developed a new type of fan called Lexan with the help of NASA. It enhanced suction performance from its predecessors. It was indeed a new revolutionary product.

Tech Power Drive Power Assist: The G5 also comes with Tech Power Drive assist, which makes easy to glide floors.

Power Nozzle Height Adjustment: The G5 uses the same design as the G4 which makes the users to lower or raise the power belt to disengage and engage the brush rolls.

Toe Touch Control: This model also consists of toe touch control as present in G4 and G5.

Portable Cleaning: This model gives the ability to the users to clean both mobile and upright cleaning. Which was not an option to the previous models.



  • The suction performance of the blade is enhanced with the new Lexan blade. Which gives the user reliable and robust cleaning experience.

  • Optimized for portable and upright cleaning, which makes it more versatile then the predecessors.

  • Tech Drive Power assist makes it easy in mobility.

  • The power nozzle adjustment makes it user to replace the roll or replace it.


  • Heavy construction

  • Suction performance poor.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

kirby avalir

4. Kirby Avalir

Recent addition to the Kirby family, this vacuum cleaner has 12 impressive cleaning functions and one all in one function. This is a vacuum cleaner which is also a carpet cleaner.

This is the most recent of Kirby’s vacuums. It fulfills all the required elements of allergen control and quality which the Kirby is famous for. It is an ultra-premium priced machine.


A wide range of arrangements: This product is a complete cleaning solution or floor cleaning system. It is in continuation in versatility with the previous Kirby’s vacuums. The vacuum has accessories which can convert it to carpet shampooer and also a power punched vacuum.

No need of multiple cleaners: The Kirby Avalir is an all in one product. You don’t need to store different or separate equipment like specialist cleaning machines or mops if you have this.

Auto rewind cord: The Kirby Avalir is as yet a corded model, on account of the requests of the incredible locally available engine. Battery activity isn’t useful. In any case, Kirby concluded that they would make living with a line progressively endurable for Avalir clients by including an auto rewind cord. You unplug the link from the divider and afterward utilize the auto-rewind highlight to rewind the rope into the unit.



  • This has hardwood floor head, floor head, standard upholstery tools and electro brush floor head.

  • Auto cable rewind.

  • It’s a complete floor cleaning system.

  • It can be used as vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner both


  • Heavy than most similar models.

  • Costly than the rest

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

kirby avalir 2

5. Kirby Avalar 2

This is the most recent model by Kirby. It has the revolutionary dry foam technology which results in throughout floor and carpet wash, a scrub and mop feature, a shampoo feature, A HEPA filtration system and much more.

It is the most expensive model of them all also. It has a very powerful engine which sucks in the finest of dust and other materials with ease.

It was first released in 2018 and promised the users of being a single solution to all their carpet cleaning and vacuuming needs.

It is really very expensive because of the fact that it is the most premium model across the market. But is indeed the most complete cleaning solution provider in the market.


HEPA filtration technology for protection against allergies. The Kirby Avalar2 is perhaps the best product for people who have allergies. As this perfectly keeps all the dust collected from the floor or carpet contained within the bag.

Scrub and Mop: You would not need a mop or bucket after owning Kirby Avlar2, as you can easily convert this into a bucket and mop system with various attachments. It also has rollers for hardwood floor polishing, scrubbing grout and tiles and polishing hardwood floors.

Multiple Accessories: This product gives you a ton of accessories which also include specialized pet attachment and a two gallon tank for carpet cleaning.



  • It is all in one device for all your cleaning needs. Useful for cleaning carpets after a spill and regular dust.

  • Has a helpful, fill line which tells when to replace.

  • Very effective against allergies


  • No wireless option

  • Very expensive

Does Kirby Vacuum Have Any Negatives?

It Is Heavy:

As referenced somewhat before in this article is the incredible cost of the vacuum. Throughout the years with the great notoriety that Kirby has procured, the cost has risen.

This is additionally a result of how the vacuums are fabricated – with tough material (which is for the most part metal).

In any case, this tough material likewise implies that the vacuums are overwhelming making them not reasonable for those of the more seasoned age or those experiencing conditions, for example, joint pain.

kirby vacuum cleaners price

At the point when you are cleaning your home, you need to have the option to haul the vacuum around your home easily. The way that the Kirby vacuum cleaner is a little on the overwhelming side will imply that it will take somewhat longer for you to become acclimated to.

In the event that you buy a vacuum in the wake of having it elevated to you by a sales rep, make certain to have a go with the vacuum yourself. On the off chance that it is unreasonably substantial for you, possibly it isn’t the correct model for you.

They Are Costly:

These vacuums are expensive. It is not people with a small budget. Due to the high prices the company offers the payment in installment also. But this means that you have to pay the interest which makes it all the more expensive.

The Vacuums Bags:

One interesting point about a Kirby vacuum cleaner is that it takes vacuum bags. Numerous more current models by other vacuum organizations have a channel and holder that stores the soil, which you at that point toss into the rubbish.

Having a vacuum bag implies that you need to buy additional bags and confine/reattach them. Be that as it may, these lone should be supplanted like clockwork (contingent upon the measure of soil you are clearing). This more seasoned component probably won’t engage numerous who need lighter, increasingly current looking vacuum cleaners.

It Can Be Sometimes Confusing To Use:

The Kirby Vacuums have a variety of tools and features which make it very confusing to operate upon. It really takes time to get accustomed to it.

It comes with an instruction booklet and DVD but still, it is very hard to understand the usage. It is really confusing to change the bag or hose.

In the time when people want an easy and quick solution, this vacuum is really the opposite.

The Warranty:

In spite of the fact that the warranty and modification plan is an unquestionable reward that accompanies Kirby vacuum cleaners, one interesting point is that models that are bought from a different retail location or from organizations.

kirby vacuum for sale

For example, Amazon are not secured by them. This squeezes getting them legitimately from Kirby, as opposed to attempting to get it on the web.

What are thoughts that come to your mind when someone mentions Kirby Vacuum cleaners?

Kirby is often associated with salesmen who go door to door selling these and its rich history. The web is filled with articles that tell you all the amazing and beneficial things about the Kirby vacuum cleaner. Not many mention the negatives of the same. Yes, it is true every vacuum has its own positives and negatives. Reviewing all these help you determine which is best for you.

kirby vacuum cleaner parts

Listening to the salesman would also make us fall in love with the vacuum, but it is only after regularly using that a trust is built in a brand. Here is where Kirby scores over everybody else.

But the coming of the salesman to your house to give the demo gives it a personalized touch too. This is an amazing marketing strategy which no other company is using, which makes Kirby special. The flip side is that some may like it while some may not.

In all the buying decision is always yours. You can very well analyze the pros and cons of this machine and decide for yourself, whether you need this vacuum cleaner or not. Make sure to get a home demonstration to see how to function and whether it suits your cleaning needs.

The Kirby vacuum cleaners are here to stay, they have been a part of the cleaning universe for so long that it is impossible to imagine the vacuum cleaning industry without them. It has such versatility and durability that you can use this machine perfectly for many years without any problem.

Plus it has this amazing annual maintenance plan which assists you in replacing your vacuum parts when needed. It also gives a refurbished look to your vacuum. Due to this feature the Kirby Vacuum cleaners has been passed from generation to generation.

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