What’s The New Kitchen Trend All About And Why?

This post was last updated on October 17th, 2022 at 09:35 am

Innovative designs and ideas have been a stronghold of home interiors. Some people like to be trendsetters, while others need the inspiration to imagine remodeling or upgrading a specific space. For example, one of the most common areas of concern can be the worn-out kitchen look. How much you have to work on it depends on its condition, including aesthetic and functional.

Ideally, a place like this should refresh its environment every 10 to 15 years. But that’s not the rule, as some kitchens demand early attention due to the daily grind they witness. Nevertheless, keeping yourself updated with what is in or out is a good practice as minor changes don’t need to wait.

To be precise, you may have been using a farmhouse basin for some time and want to switch it up with a newer version. You can search for new options, buy the one that matches your taste, and install it. It doesn’t have to be a hectic process.

However, other decorative or functional touches may need some deliberation for several reasons, such as budget, amount of work, the time required, etc. Anyway, let’s dig into it.

What’s The Focus This Time On Kitchen Designs

Curvy Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the integral aspects of a kitchen, which people typically visualize in a horizontal format. You can ditch the usual style for a more curvy experience.

Modern designers use marble to shape it in a way that serves the purpose of a cooker hood and backsplash while enjoying a unique artistic feel.

Even hexagon and fish scale patterns are emerging as the favorite tile options for surfaces that can change their physical shape effortlessly.

Library Ladder

The modern interior aesthetics have lots of flexibility in the sense they allow you to experiment with old things in new formats. For instance, library ladders may have been a common sight in the library room.

Today, you can include one in your kitchen, especially with high ceilings. Statement ladders in lofty kitchens can be an exciting take on visual appeal. While the metal rail of this feature seems like an appeasing detail, its ability to increase your reach to high cabinets can be even more fascinating.

Color Of The Season

White or blue-grey marble has dominated most household interiors. Today, one can notice a shift in this area as well. In 2022, green-tinted natural stones are a tough competition to the age-old choice.

Homeowners are willing to invest in surfaces that stand out for their nature-inspired feel. Hence, no wonder bottle green, fresh lime, and khaki shades are capturing the attention.

Modern Flooring

Nowadays, a new trend suggests leaning toward mansion weave belonging to the 17th-century French homes. Most kitchens boast either chevron or herringbone tiles. These types of flooring look rich and can blend easily into the background.

But the new choices come with some fresh twists while adhering to the traces from the past. You can find the original trapezoids and polygons shapes in mansion weave flooring, but bulky planks and pale timbers lend them an updated attraction.

Mirrored Cabinets

You can be a hardcore cityscape lover, and now you can let it reflect through your interiors. Let your kitchen cabinets wear the antiqued mirrored glass to create a unique architectural interest in the ambiance. The design will work like a charm if your kitchen overlooks the city view.

The handblown mirrors can extend those vistas inside beautifully. Adding mirrored glass can be an advantage as you can keep the kitchen contents even in a hurry without worrying about them not looking neat from the outside. The glass will hide everything behind it as it’s not transparent.

Kitchen Design Trends


In the recent past, there has been a craze for open plans. Gradually, people are getting tired of it as they wake up to the benefit of having a closed-door or enclosed area that keeps the rest of the house away from the kitchen.

Going for a glazed partition can be a better idea if you don’t want your space to lose its fluidity. It will keep everything together yet neatly separated without sacrificing the quality of light. Also, the different kitchen smells will not escape the room if you don’t like it this way.

Designers say that some kitchens cannot switch to a fully glazed wall. But it doesn’t have to be a matter of worry for those who want to have this feature. They can instead opt for smaller glazed panels. It will add to the architectural interest by being a perfect backdrop for your kitchen furniture.

Natural Elements

During the pandemic, homeowners have taken immense interest in natural materials. They intend to make them a permanent fixture in their houses, like other materials, such as granite, marble, wood, etc. A shift toward them may have to do with aesthetic and health reasons. One of them can be their chemical-free nature.

Anyway, items made using natural materials provide durability and texture. You can leverage them to add depth and warmth. For example, you can add basket-style pendants to the overhead area in the dining space of your kitchen. It will be an attractive layer with a definite tone to itself.


You can marry an industrial look with a sophisticated detail to create a tasty point by adorning a cupboard door with burnished wire mesh and brass handles. The whole appearance will have an immediate upscale impact.

Like these, there are plenty of options to play with, whether you want to introduce contrasting colors, wood finishes, sink skirting, statement lights, or something else. The trends are eye-catchy, if not fierce or too bold. However, it’s worth leafing through the design book to spot what might soon appear in your place.

Just keep your budget in mind. And if you are a conscious customer, select choices that coincide with your philosophy of aesthetics and functionality without any deviation. You don’t want to waste resources on something that won’t work. Then, some ideas may not be easy to reverse without breaking your bank. Hence, it makes sense to be careful with your picks, even if they look too appealing.

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