How Laser Treatment Helps Treat Skin Acne?

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How Laser Treatment Helps Treat Skin Acne

“Lasers effectively address the acne signs as well as post scarring.”

Acne is a skin disorder that affects every other individual. It troubles patients a lot for a long time and impacts their self-confidence by leaving pesky scars. Further, the condition worsens to pits and discoloration in many cases, affecting one’s appearance and mental health.

Luckily, laser treatments are the most recommended solution by dermatologists to address both acne and stubborn acne scars. The laser light beams are non-invasive and easily penetrate the skin of the to-be-targeted area.

In this write-up, we will discuss how acne affects the skin. Also, it will tell why dermatologists providing services of laser in Canberra and other places use it to treat acne or post-acne scarring.

Impact of Acne on Skin

Acne develops when the skin secretes too much oil, which causes it to accumulate and clog pores. It is not only caused by an overproduction of sebum, though. Most of the time, the skin keeps growing new tissues while shedding old ones. The sebum produced in this area traps the dead skin cells that worsen acne.

Additionally, androgen hormones frequently contribute to acne, particularly in teenagers. Teens experience hormonal imbalances and changes. As a result, they struggle with acne until their hormones are in balance.

The oil secretion and clogged pores give rise to bacteria, promote the growth of blackheads and whiteheads, and cause tiny bumps. Moreover, the tissue beneath the skin’s surface suffers lasting harm when acne first appears near healing pores. This results in redness, discoloration, or pitting associated with the scarring.

Effective Laser Types for Acne Treatment

Pulsed Dye Laser

Pulsed Dye Laser treatment targets the skin’s blood vessels. It is proven that active acne gets better with just one treatment. This is the laser type used and recommended widely by skin specialists to treat post-acne inflammation.

YAG Laser Therapy

YAG lasers release the micro pulses. This eliminates the acne and destroys the sebaceous glands. Thus, restricting the sebum production and oil secretion.

Doctors consider it a safe solution for treating mild or moderate acne lesions. Both YAG and Pulsed dye lasers are effective. But YAG is more effective and results are much more noticeable as compared to Pulsed therapy.

YAG Laser Therapy

Diode Laser Treatment

This 1450 mm laser solution efficiently suppresses sebum production. Simply put, the oil secretion and presence on the skin are lowered. This treatment provides the best possible and noticeable outcomes. It reduces the inflammatory lesions from spreading after one session. The best thing is that the results last for a long time.

In other words, the diode laser is safe for patients with dark skin. Such a skin tone usually poses challenges when requiring treatment for hyperpigmentation.

How Laser Therapy is Beneficial to Treat Acne

Reduces Oil Secretion

Laser acne therapy works to reduce the production of natural skin oils in excess. Consequently, it facilitates the healing of the existing acne condition and lowers the possibility of further breakouts. Patients will particularly enjoy the skin’s suppleness and will see immediate improvements after laser therapy.

Kills Bacteria That Makes Acne Worse

The best benefit of laser treatment is it not only minimizes acne but eliminates it. It is vital. After all, the same bacteria left untreated can worsen acne conditions and let it spread on the entire skin. Yes, keeping the facial skin and other body areas clean where the acne occurs the most. But bacteria removal is only possible with laser treatment. It goes beyond the skin surface and controls additional breakouts. In simple terms, the laser treatment for acne is worthwhile.

Eases Acne Inflammation and Discoloration

In the worst acne conditions, the skin experiences inflammation and red spots. Here, the skin specialists of laser in Canberra bet it as the ideal solution for addressing acne issues. The experts will utilize the right laser type to treat the inflamed areas and skin discoloration and the results can be seen within a week. Simply put, lasers are great to control breakouts and lower skin tone irregularities.

Eliminates Scarring ConcernAcne can result in different types of scarring. It includes ice pick acne scars, rolling scars, keloid scars, and more. Even while laser acne therapy clears up acne, it also works well to reduce the risk of persistent scarring. Thus, saving the need for cosmetic surgeries and eliminating any signs of acne for many years to come.

Eases Acne Inflammation and Discoloration

Quick and Efficient Results

There are multiple ways to treat acne like topical creams, DIYs, etc. However, getting instant and positive results is not always possible with such solutions. Hence, laser treatment comes as the ideal solution. It takes only minutes and a few sessions to treat acne. Thus, delivering the expected and successful outcomes is worth the investment.

No or Minimal Downtime

Laser acne treatment is non-invasive. Thus, reducing the stress and worry about the time required for recovery. The patients can simply resume their everyday activities soon as the session is over. Normal bruising, swelling, or redness on the treated area is common. But it will not hinder the daily operations and will heal within 2-3 days.

The Botox in Canberra is also recommended and used by expert dermatologists to prevent scarring and acne. It helps alleviate wrinkled skin and is treated by injecting Botox into the areas producing excessive sebum. However, the laser is ideal therapy when acne and acne scars are both concerns and in worse condition.


Laser treatments are considered valuable for acne and scarring skin problems. When compared with topical treatments, DIYs, or oral medications, the laser is the best-recommended treatment by skin specialists.

These treatments effectively eliminate the bacteria and germs that cause acne and address acne with the best possible results. Also, it damages the sebaceous glands producing sebum in excess to reduce the chances of excessive breakouts.

Without a doubt, lasers have always proved to be the best treatment against stubborn acne scarring, post-acne inflammation, etc. The light beams released are easily bearable and non-invasive. In addition, better skin changes can be noticed after one or two sessions. However, multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired outcomes.

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