Moxielash reviews

Moxielash reviews are a great way to find out what other people think about this product before you buy it for yourself. This is an important factor when considering any type of purchase, but especially with beauty products. In this post, we will review Moxielash and the best features that make it worth your money.

About Moxielash Brand:

The Moxielash brand manufactured a magnetic lash and two kinds of eyeliner so that lashes would magically apply to your lash line in under 10 seconds.

Moxielash’s Magnetic Eyeliner:

The MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner is a more complicated beast than other liners, but with some time and patience you can get the clean lines that are hard to do without it.

Moxielashes Magnetic Eyeliner is a great way to accentuate your eyes and make them stand out. This eyeliner will last all day without smudging or running, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off before the end of the night.

Tips of applying magnetic eyeliner:

  • Rest your elbows on a table while applying liner to keep the hand steady.
  • Starting applying liner at the inner corner of your lash-line and working your way to the end. Firstly applying a light layer first so that you can see how it looks on different eye shapes, then add more if needed!
  • Always apply eyeliner after applying eyeshadow.

What is Magnetic Eyelash?

Magnetic eyelash strips are a new and innovative lash application method that creates a more natural, organic look. Magnetic lashes adhere to your own lashes so you don’t have the hassle of worrying about placement or glue-related mishaps. The tiny eyeliner will stick right where they need to be while also helping with any potential fallout during wear time. Lashes have 5 magnets on it.

Tips of applying magnetic eyelash:

  • Firstly apply moxielash’ eyeliner and then wait for one minute to dry it.
  • Now get your magnetic lashes and put it on your lash. It is important that they are placed correctly so they can lock in position quickly without you having to struggle with it too much.

Features of product

  • Baby lash is the perfect accent for any make-up look. This simple, versatile pair of lashes enhances your eyes in subtle and beautiful ways with just one application.
  • You can use these lashes for 30 days, if you use and store them properly.
  • With a magnetic lash band, you can lock your Baby eyelashes to the Magnetic Eyeliner for an all-day grip.
  • Provides a lightweight and comfortable alternative to traditional fake eyelashes that are often uncomfortable and irritating.
  • Provided for hooded, almond and monolid eye shapes. The lashes are made of 9 to 15mm lash length that has a width of 20 mm across the band.

  • More natural than traditional fake lashes
  • Has five magnets on it for easier application of the magnetic lash strips which adhere to your own lashes so you don’t have any worries about placement or gluing.
  • Moxielash eyeliner is smudge proof, waterproof and long lasting.


  • Magnetic Eyelashes come in various shapes and sizes
  • They stick well on eyes, and last all day long.
  • Easy to apply, it takes less time than the traditional false lashes application process (about ten seconds).
  • Magnetic lashes are reusable.


  • If not applied correctly it could cause some damage to your natural lashes.
  • Some users have to invest more time to learn how to apply or use it.
  • Some people get infections in their eyes because of fake lashes.

Comparison of Moxielash with Lashliner


  • After trying many different brands, these were by far my favourite. The lashes were the closest-looking to actual lash extensions and fit perfectly on my eyes while still being compact enough for a full day of wear that never budged. Not only did they hold up all day long but there was no lifting whatsoever which made them perfect as I now know just what size magnet fits me best!
  • The magnetic formula of the eyeliner is a little different than other brands and takes more finesse to apply. However, it’s also difficult to clean off your eyes or lashes before storing them away for later use — running $35 USD per lash. MoxieLash has festival-themed shops with various eye colours that run at $45 USD per liner tube for convenience on those last minute makeup changes in between sets!



  • This company filed for a patent on magnetic liner and lash combos. The shipping took a while but it finally made its way to me, after hitting my wallet with extra customs duties and taxes that are expected from importing them into the US. When they arrived, however – despite all of the inconveniences – these babies were worth every penny!
  • One of the most exciting things about this product is that you don’t need to worry so much about your lashes falling out or smudging in a matter of hours because these lash products are reusable. The package comes with anchor lashes which can be used on either side of natural eyelashes without liner, and for those who go all night long at clubs, they offer an extra bit of security by adding more pieces to hold them up against constant dancing!