10 Home Design Trends That Are Out Of Date

This post was last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 06:25 am

Are you thinking about building or remodeling a custom home? A natural trend of designing the home is searching for the latest trends. Some styles and designs are trendy while the rest are not. Typically, homeowners try to change homes every ten to fifteen years.

So, if it’s time to change your home or change the look of your existing house, do not feel overwhelmed by the trends you come across on the internet. Why? Well, you might come across rather outdated trends, although they may be described fancifully.

Home Design Trends

So, Here Are Ten Things That Must Not Stay In A Modern Contemporary House

White Colored Kitchens

Kitchens have been the focus of several homeowners but people have now grown tired of white kitchens. If you too want to discard this monotonous trend of doing up the kitchen in white, let it go. You will face a lot more trouble to keep a white kitchen speck-free. Now, you can add colors whether it is the cabinet or flooring.

Mid-Century Modern Styles

Mid-century home design styles have reigned for several years, whether individually or blended with other factors. While the popularity of this home design can be still spotted in a few homes, it is gradually declining. A contemporary modern house needs to be multipurpose with simple shapes and emphasize more functional features. The homeowners of today want their dwelling places to look smart yet aesthetic, so do away with the old designs and make your house a haven.

Farmhouse Designs

Are you in love with the farmhouse design and craving plenty of open space? Unfortunately, the farmhouse style is no longer trendy. The rustic style and the curtains are now a thing of the past. So, do not be struck by this style as cleaning and maintaining the kitchen is a norm you need to remember. These days efficient cleaning stays on the priority list of homeowners, so you need to go with the flow.

Minimalism Is Out

Minimalism is the buzzword you are familiar with for many years. But you need to forget it for now and go for more intricate designs that go in-depth. Your home should be a reflection of your personality. Therefore, you need to follow the modern layered and maximalist designs to make your house a hub of the things you prefer. Bellamy Homes is your trusted custom home builder with a flurry of awards to their credit. Check with them to know what’s in and out when designing custom homes.

Healthy Home

Ask the custom home builders and you will come to know what the hottest trends are when designing the house. Today, homeowners focus on innovative and healthy products right from tiles to windows and doors. The living spaces are continuing to extend outwards, thanks to the global pandemic when homeowners realised the value of open spaces. Check the uptick of demands before you factor in the designs.

Avoid Staged Decoration

When buying decor items for your home, you may try to create a snapshot. Although things may fit in monetarily, getting everything in the match makes your house too artificial. Go spontaneous with the colours and furniture sets, and arrange them sporadically as your mind and heart say to watch the difference. Try to change the decor every couple of years but make sure you try to keep the look real and not artificial with staged furniture.

Say No To Black Hardware

Black hardware was a trendy option in 2021 but towards the end of 2022, people have grown tired of flat or reflective black. Researchers reveal the growth and popularity of hardware have a short cycle, especially due to social media and influencer marketing. You can call it off this year and pick a different option based on the latest searches.

Cove Bathtubs

If you have been hanging around with Kelowna builders to design your new custom home, don’t place a large bathtub in one corner of the bathroom as the trend is gone now. A thing that stayed popular for a pretty long time looks rather outdated now. This style has fallen out primarily because it is hard to reach and difficult to clean. Moreover, you cannot remove the cove bathtubs easily. Instead, you can get a freestanding bathtub to create a flourishing look in your luxury bathroom.

No Furniture With Sharp Edges

Sharp edges in the furniture will undoubtedly make your design edgy. This year, you can pick from a flurry of round designs that are taking off with speed. People have been requesting circular furniture to create calm and comfort. Moreover, round edges make your home a safe place for the kids.

Over-Sized Furniture

Until recently, oversized furniture like a big and plush couch used to be a comfortable aspect. But times have changed and so are the sizes of the furniture sets.

Are you ready to make your house modern and call off outdated trends? Find out what design trend is prevailing currently that makes your home comfortable and functional.

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