What Kind Of Paint Could Be Used On The Inside Of A Microwave?

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You will not eat food from a rusty can, because it is dangerous. Similarly, rust inside a microwave oven leads to serious problems if not addressed immediately. Rust on the inside of the microwave is not an issue unless it eats its way to the interior cavity allowing radiations and arcing to escape the microwave.

As long as the interior of the microwave remains sealed and intact, radiation poses no threat to humans, you can sand and repair its interior.

If the paint inside your microwave is peeling or deteriorating, repainting is a possible solution instead of buying a new appliance.

Not any kind of paint is suited for this project and there are some preparations to be done in order to make the repainting a successful one. Some steps are to be followed for a functional and polished result.

List of Paints that You can must be Use

Prepare The Appliance – It is important to unplug the microwave and the interior surface to be prepared for repainting before doing anything else. To clean the debris, like flaked paint, grease, and grime, simply wet the sponge in soapy water, squeeze out the excess, and use it to wipe off the interior surface of the microwave. Clean the external surface also in order to simply sanitize the entire microwave while you are at it.

Finish with a paper towel or dry rag for faster drying time. If the existing paint is peeling off, remove it as much as possible, sanding it by hand gently with a medium grit paper. After that sand it with fine-grit to smooth it out. If there are rusty spots this process will also be sufficient but you can use Steel wool also. Clean the sanded parts by wiping them to prevent the affected area from rusting.

microwave cavity paint

Choose The Best Paint – There are two types of paint that can be used to coat the interior of the oven – brush on and spray on. The best type is a spray, as it saves a lot of effort and time, brush-on paint may be handy for small spot repairs. You can get microwave-safe paint in many appliance stores, you need to make sure the store provides the right kind that is microwave safe as some paints contain materials or particles that react to microwaves and may release toxins that may contaminate the food in the oven. Make sure you ask for appliance paint designs for microwave use.

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Paint The Oven – If the interior of the oven is still wet or if there is still grease on it then never spray paint. Use rubber gloves, safety glasses, and a mask for protection when using aerosol paint to avoid any health risks. The paint should be tested first on a small area inside the oven. Once the painted spot dries out you can run the one on high for 1 minute with a cup of water in it. After removing the cup, feel the inside walls of the oven to check that the painted spot is no warmer than the other surfaces inside the oven.

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After the preparations are complete, you can start spraying the microwave until the paint covers the complete surface. Avoid spraying excess of paint in one area, try to keep your coat of paint as even as possible all over. To avoid getting runs in the paint, apply the paint in more than one coat but make sure that surface is dry and the surface has been sanded and wiped clean between each coat, before getting onto the next one.

For the brush on type, apply the paint consistently on all surfaces. Wait for paint to dry properly before using the oven. Let it dry overnight while the door is still open. Do not close the door as this will prevent airflow from getting into the microwave, which slows down your dry time. The next day touch the paint to check that it is ready for use.

Never use any paint product to paint the inside of a microwave oven. Paint overspray may go through the various holes on the inside of the microwave and coat components that were not intended to be coated with overspray, rendering them inoperative or reducing their lifespan.

Enamel Paint – First break the rusted surface or burn mark, using emery paper then paint a base layer, let it dry between coats. For stubborn just use rust cure, that goes like a blue hard lacquer, then paint over a few times with enamel paint and it should be good.

microwave safe paint

Microwaves are cheap enough that the time and effort preparing the surface and applying the right kind of paint properly and safely outweigh the cost of a brand new one. If you are determined, follow the directions and use paint specially formulated for appliances and ovens that foodstuffs are placed in. If you are not, you will experience severe fire and health risks

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