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Home Renovation is generally a complicated and exhausting process. Although the result not only improves your living standard but also increases the value of your home. That is probably why we see more and more millennials and Gen-Z homeowners invest in home renovation. In 2022 alone, 27% of homeowners across the country carried out renovations in their houses. In Nebraska, the most popular renovations were the bathroom, roof, and flooring.

The biggest problem with home renovation has to move your belongings from the area. Usually, to empty the room to be renovated, the furniture and other things are temporarily moved to other rooms in the house. It makes the entire house seem cluttered and chaotic. A great solution to avoid such problems is putting your stuff away in a self-storage facility. In recent years, the popularity of self-storage in Nebraska has greatly increased, and there are over 300 self-storage facilities in the state and its cities.


Similarly, if you are living in Lincoln and planning on undertaking a home renovation, there are plenty of options. You can easily find them near or in your city by searching on your preferred search engine. For instance, to find the most trusted self-storage facility in Lincoln, you can look up Lincoln storage units and pick one with positive customer reviews and good ratings.

If you are still not convinced, here are our two cents on why you should keep your belongings in a self-storage unit:

A Clean Slate

A clean, blank slate is the best starting point for any project, including a home renovation. For instance, if you want to add an island counter to your kitchen, you may think it’s sufficient only to clear out the furniture and appliances in the middle of the room. However, if you empty the space by removing all non-essential items, you can get a better perspective and better plan your renovation.

Without the existing items filling up the room, you can look at the space as a whole instead of the specific area where you originally planned to carry out the work. Sometimes, this results in you going in an entirely different direction than originally planned. You can get that clean slate and design your room by putting your stuff away in a storage unit.

No Clutter

You might think I can remove the furniture and items from the required room to the guest bedroom or dining area. No doubt that is an option, but it’s not a very good and practical one. A house is usually filled and decorated over a long period as we bring in new items, and as much as we would like to say otherwise, we’re far from minimalists. Our house still has a bread toaster from 1978 and a grade 2 french notebook. Indeed, there are plenty of such relics to be found in your house also. The point is homes nowadays are at total capacity as they are. By filling other rooms with things from the space under renovation, your house will begin to look and feel a little chaotic. You’ll neither be comfortable nor be able to have people over.

Plus, keep in mind that home renovation is a long process, no matter how small, so we’re looking at a couple of weeks at the very least. Considering that, you probably understand why stuffing other rooms in your house is a bad idea. With a storage unit, you don’t have to worry about any of this, and the rest of the home can remain in perfect condition, regardless of how long the remodeling takes.


Safe And Secure

Many contractors, painters, and other workers come in and out of the house during a renovation. You or a family member may be supervising them, but you can’t possibly guard them the whole day. If they’re working in a room full of furniture and other things, there are high chances of accidents occurring.

Additionally, since there is generally not a specific worker assigned to your project but an entire team, you can need help figuring out what happens if something goes missing. After all, you can’t go around carrying out a body search of each individual to find that antique box on your desk. You would have the option of filing an official complaint, but we all know the chances of recovery are slim. To save yourself and everyone else the trouble, get a self-storage unit and immediately shift all the stuff you don’t need there. At least you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

Affordable And Accessible

If you’re still on the ledge and are concerned about how you would manage a self-storage unit, put your worries to rest because it couldn’t possibly be more accessible. Storage units are fully secure around the clock, but those with a unit can access it at any time of the day. There is no restriction on when you can or can’t visit your storage unit. If you pick a facility near your home, it will be as accessible as taking something from a neighbor’s garage or your garage at a short distance. Remember to use labels if you’re keeping small items such as crockery, books, and clothes in the storage unit. With everything tagged, you can find what you need whenever you want.

Additionally, the icing on the cake is the highly affordable storage units. After all, there’s a reason why every creepy character on TV has a storage unit that the protagonist ultimately discovers. Since the items you keep in the storage unit don’t need to be unpacked or set as they would be in a house, you can store quite a significant amount of stuff in a tiny space. Therefore, a small unit would fulfill your home renovation storage needs. Further, most storage unit facilities offer flexible rental terms, so you don’t need to commit to a long-term plan.

Final Words

Renovation can be complicated for anyone. To have your house turn into a construction site is a challenging experience. However, with a self-storage unit holding your personal belongings, you can save yourself from one worry. Having more space to play with may give you a much better result in the end.

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