Recessed Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

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It is important to have a well-lit bathroom, not only for grooming but also for safety. The best way to do this is by having recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors in the bathroom. A recessed medicine cabinet is an organized way to store your medicines, personal care products, and toiletries. In its absence, you would have noticed clutter around the sink area. Installed above the sink area, they provide an easy-to-use space without taking up any extra room on the countertop.

Do you know why people choose to install a recessed medicine cabinet instead of a traditional one? The reason is its versatility. A conventional medicine cabinet usually takes up quite a lot of space. For example, most units come with shelves that extend down to the ground level.

As a result, you cannot fit them under the sink unless you remove part of the countertop. On the contrary, a recessed medicine cabinet only needs enough space underneath so that it fits snugly against the wall. There is, therefore, less chance of getting rid of valuable storage space.

With a wide range of recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors available, it becomes hard to choose the best one. Therefore, you need to consider a few factors. Some people prefer wood while others like metal or glass better. It all depends on your personal preference and how much room is available in your bathroom where it will be installed.

Another critical factor is whether there is an electrical outlet nearby because some models require electricity for lighting purposes while others do not. Finally, consider how large the mirror needs to be based upon how much countertop space is available in your bathroom vanity area so that everything fits perfectly together with no wasted space at all.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

5 Most Popular Recessed Medicine cabinets for 2021

Jensen Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet

The Jensen Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It’s made of solid wood and has an elegant beveled mirror that will make your bathroom look like it belongs in a five-star hotel.

You can even customize the size, color, and style of this cabinet so it fits perfectly into your home. It also features a reversible door, allowing it to be put on either the right or left side based on the bathroom layout.

This cabinet comes with adjustable shelves so you can store all kinds of items inside – from makeup to toothpaste to shampoo bottles!

There’s also a built-in towel bar on top, so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere else to hang your towels after taking a shower or bath. Plus, there are three different finishes available for this product – oak, espresso, and white – so you can choose one that matches perfectly with the rest of your decor!

Tangkula Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

The Tangkula mirrored bathroom cabinet is small enough to go in tiny bathrooms while supplying crucial storage for toiletries and medicines.

It has three large drawers and two shelves on top, so there is plenty of room for towels, toiletries, makeup, and anything else you want to store.

The best part is that it can be installed anywhere in your bathroom because its mirror finish looks great from any angle!

Though the cabinet is small in height and width, it is made from high-quality materials and has a sleek design that will fit into any decorating scheme. Plus, it comes at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy its beauty.

It is constructed using an MDF board that promises durability and water resistance. Thus style, functionality, affordability, and durability – all come wrapped into one beautiful package.

Decadom 24in LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Our LED mirror medicine cabinet is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It features a sleek design with an easy-to-use door and adjustable shelves that can accommodate all of your toiletries.

The built-in lights are bright enough for applying makeup or shaving but not too harsh on the sensitive eye. It emits a mix of cool, neutral, or warm tone light.

This medicine cabinet comes equipped with a defogger that keeps the mirror clean even after taking a steamy shower—the entire unit screws to the wall’s surface.

These cabinets are built from only the highest quality materials available on the market today – including MDF wood veneer and stainless steel hardware – making them both beautiful and functional.

It also features an integrated clock allowing you to know how much time you have before heading out of the door. A surge protector is not required. You may use all electronic features without one if you have a nearby electrical outlet (or one behind the cabinet).

Kohler Frameless 16 Inch X 20 Inch Medicine Cabinet

The Kohler Frameless 16 Inch X 20 Inch Medicine Cabinet is one of the best-recessed mirror medicine cabinets. It’s designed with an elegant, modern frameless design that will look great in any bathroom.

This cabinet features soft-close hinges and adjustable glass shelves so it can accommodate all of your toiletries and accessories. Constructed using anodized aluminum, it doesn’t fail to give a timeless finish. 

Its reversible frameless mirror door can be installed either on the right or left side. Such a door also provides easy access to all your items without taking up too much space. Plus, there are no visible screws on this door, so it looks clean and professional at all times.

It has an integrated towel bar, so you can store towels next to where they are needed most – by your sink! No more searching through cabinets for those elusive towels when guests come over! And with its durable construction, this cabinet will last for years to come without losing its style or functionality.

West Elm Seamless Medicine Cabinet

The Best Modern Seamless Medicine Cabinet is the perfect blend of form and function. It is designed to be seamless, so it looks like one piece from every angle. And with no visible hinges or knobs, this modern medicine cabinet will fit seamlessly into your bathroom design.

You can choose from five different finishes, so it matches perfectly with any style of decor.

Plus, the mirrored glass door provides maximum visibility and makes sure everything inside stays clean and organized at all times.

This sleek mirror features an adjustable shelf that slides up and down to accommodate taller items such as shampoo bottles or shaving cream cans in addition to smaller items such as makeup brushes or cotton balls.

It also has two storage compartments on either side that are great for storing things like Q-tips and cotton swabs out of sight but still within easy reach when you need them most! This modern medicine cabinet is the perfect way to add some style while staying organized at home with its simple yet elegant design!

The only downside is that it comes with an ungodly price tag.

The Bottom Line

Recessed medicine cabinets are the perfect way to store your daily essentials. Plus, they come with mirrors that make it easier for you to see what you’re doing when applying makeup or shaving. This is an essential addition to any home! It comes in different styles, sizes, finishes, and colors.

However, it is essential to choose the one that complements your bathroom style. Considering the aforementioned 5 best models of recessed medicine cabinets will narrow down your search and help you make the best selection.