Small Bathroom, Big Impact: 8 Space-Saving Solutions For A Stylish Upgrade

This post was last updated on September 8th, 2023 at 05:51 am

Creating a functional and stylish bathroom in a limited space presents unique challenges. Most bathrooms in the US are about 36-40 square feet, so you need to get clever to make the most of that limited space.

Did you know that Seattle’s real estate market is competitive, and many homes have smaller bathrooms? Hence, choosing space-saving solutions becomes crucial for maximizing every square foot, especially in apartments and smaller homes where space is at a premium.

You can turn your small bathroom into an attractive and well-organized space by incorporating the following ideas:

Tub Transformation

Maximizing space and adding a modern touch to your compact bathroom involves a key change – swapping out the traditional bathtub. The bulky, old-style tub often takes over the small bathroom, creating a cramped and outdated feel. But introducing a sleek, space-efficient tub can transform the area, freeing up valuable room and infusing a fresh, contemporary look. 

In a city like Seattle, known for its progressive lifestyle, residents often prefer a modern and minimalist aesthetic in their homes. Therefore, a sleek tub saves space and adds a stylish, clean, and updated look to their bathrooms, aligning well with the city’s design sensibilities.

For a seamless Seattle tub installation, choose a local, reputable remodeling company with extensive experience delivering high-quality results. By providing customized solutions tailored to your needs, they offer a range of tubs, including walk-in tubs, corner tubs, and freestanding tubs, combining style, functionality, and durability. 

Install Floating Shelves

Need extra bathroom storage? Try floating shelves. They serve a practical purpose while also enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetics. Install them on the wall to conserve floor space and keep things tidy. Put them above the toilet or near the mirror. You can place them above the toilet, alongside the vanity mirror, or wherever there’s available wall space.

Moreover, floating shelves also add style to your bathroom’s decor. You may use them to display plants, candles, or artwork. Just make sure they match your bathroom’s look.

Allow Natural Light To Flow In

Let the natural light flood in to make your little bathroom feel more spacious. If possible, go big with the windows. Keep those windows bare, or use sheer curtains to let that sunlight work its magic. For those times when you need a bit more light, task lighting around the vanity is the way to go – whether it’s recessed lighting or stylish wall sconces, they can really set the mood.

Infuse Radiance With Vibrant Hues

Painting your small bathroom with light and lively colors can give it that roomy feel. Think about gentle whites, soft grays, or pastels – they can open up space. Pastels reflect light, making the room look bigger and more inviting. Avoid dark or bold shades that might make the place feel cramped. Consider using a satin or semi-gloss finish to add an extra layer of brilliance and facilitate easy cleaning. And remember to prep the walls before painting and match the colors with your fixtures for a cohesive look.

Choose The Right Tiles

Tiles have the potential to maximize space in a small bathroom. Go for those larger tiles like the 12×24-inch ones or even bigger ones. They’ll reduce the number of grout lines and give your bathroom that clean look. Light-colored tiles, like neutrals or pastels, can reflect more light and create that airy vibe. And if you pick glossy or polished tiles, they’ll bounce the light around, making the room feel even more open. You can even toss in some tiles with subtle patterns or textures for extra depth and style without crowding the space.

Add  Wall-Mounted Toiletry Solutions

Free precious counter space in your compact bathroom by installing wall-mounted dispensers and holders for your toiletries. These simple additions enhance both convenience and functionality, all while bestowing your bathroom with a sense of orderliness and spaciousness.

Wall-mounted dispensers prove ideal for storing and dispensing liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner. You can effortlessly affix them near the sink or shower, eradicating the need for multiple bottles cluttering your space. Similarly, wall-mounted holders serve as excellent repositories for toothbrushes, razors, and grooming essentials, keeping them within arm’s reach but off the counter. 

Choose Compact Fixtures

Think about going for smart space fixtures when sprucing up your small bathroom. Some popular options are:

  • Wall-Mounted Toilets-

    Go for compact or wall-mounted toilets; they don’t take up much floor space and give your bathroom a more open and spacious vibe. Those wall-mounted toilets with concealed tanks bring a sleek and modern touch.

  • Wall-Mounted Sinks-

    These make the place feel light and airy. Pedestal sinks have minimalist charm, while wall-mounted ones create a streamlined, clutter-free look.

Replace Shower Curtains With Glass Doors

Ditch that bulky shower curtain and bring in a classy glass door. Glass doors make the space feel open and airy. You can pick from frameless or semi-frameless designs that suit your style. Unlike curtains, which can collect mold and need a lot of cleaning, glass doors are easy to maintain and clean. They’re watertight, too, so no more leaks! You may also go for tempered glass; it’s sturdy, and consider adding a protective coating to keep it looking as good as new.


Transforming a small bathroom into a functional, good-looking space is all about clever ideas for space-saving. Whether bringing in space-efficient fixtures, adding some texture for a visual kick, or picking the right tiles to create that spacious atmosphere, every little thing makes a big difference. So, explore the possibilities and turn your small bathroom into a delightful oasis that’ll leave a lasting impression.