6 Amazing Ways to optimise small spaces for storage

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storage solutions for small spaces

We all want more square meters in our interiors while having maximum storage. But not easy when you live in a studio or an apartment that is sorely lacking in space, and you can’t “push the walls”. So how do you optimise your storage to save space at home or in an office?

Prashmi Interio has shared some of the amazing ideas to use the small spaces at different places of house or work to turn into something useful and new:


creative storage ideas

  •  Store ingeniously

Opt for multi-function furniture: mobile trolleys and islands are ideal for this and will help you in your daily life to cook, bake, or even work. Often equipped with small drawers and shelves, they will easily provide you with additional storage in your kitchen.

  • Save space with your appliances

Save space easily by using a mobile hob with one or a maximum of two zones: easy to store to free up the worktop, it will save you space. Also, place your fridges/freezers directly under the worktop. Accessorize your sink with compatible colanders or cutting boards.

  • Use your walls

Use the space available on your walls to increase your storage space with wall storage and organizers. The entire height of the walls can be used for maximum storage, in order to free up space on the worktop.



small house storage ideas

  • Create a dual-function space

Folding tables and stackable and/or collapsible chairs store easily and provide flexibility when you want to change your function space. Cushioned and comfortable chairs can also be used to extend the possibilities between the dining space and the living room area.

  • Hang your chairs on the walls

Folding chairs are handy for small spaces because they take up little space and remain close at hand when you need them to accommodate one or more additional guests. Benches also save space.

  • A place to eat and work

A counter with high chairs can be used for a casual meal if you are short on space, which would also allow you to work there or devote yourself to leisure. In addition to optimizing your kitchen storage, the counter allows you to share a convivial moment while saving space.


small storage room ideas

  • Use your doors and cabinets

The back of the doors and the side of the cabinets are excellent ways to optimize your storage space in your bathroom with a small budget. Ready-made hanging solutions for doors, clothes organizers, hooks or even rails can compensate for the lack of wall space.

  • Try using the mirror differently

Why not opt ​​for a 3-in-1 solution when you’re short on space? Indeed, the high storage units with integrated mirrors and lights will allow you to store your products, illuminate your bathroom and show off your beauty every day!

  • Trolleys that weave their way everywhere

Trolleys have the advantage of being not very wide for some mobiles, which makes it easy to place them in tight spaces in your bathroom and allows you to gain new additional storage.


storage ideas for small home

  • Maximise space

Use the full height of the wall to add storage. Organize the interior of your cupboards with dedicated interior fittings, which will allow you to optimize your storage space. Storage on wheels can easily be moved under a bench or any other compatible furniture.

Finally, hooks/buttons are one of the smallest solutions for organizing things. A hook fits almost anywhere and can expand your storage anywhere.

  • Take advantage of unused space

Use your imagination to find nooks and crannies unused in your home: under your chair, under the stairs, under an attic, on the side of a cupboard or even behind a door.

Shelves above your doors or on the upper part of your walls will save you space. Boxes also make it easy to store, organize and find what you are looking for.

  • Make your spaces multifunctional

Make the most of your spaces by layering functions: your bed can allow you to store things too. You can also divide your living space into smaller spaces with smart storage solutions to make it a multifunctional space.


storage for narrow spaces

  • Solutions to save space

Transform an unused corner or the space under the stairs into an office nook while saving valuable space. It is also possible to slip into a cupboard to work there. Compact office solutions make any space usable.

A console table or a hanging shelf are also great ways to save valuable space while blending in perfectly and leaving the rest of the room ready for any other activity.

  • A flexible office

A small living space often fulfils several functions: hosting, eating, working or even relaxing. A desk that is easy to fold or move while guaranteeing lighting that can be adapted to different activities makes it possible to have a versatile living space.

A dining table can also serve to transform several functions in the home. A large desk can also allow young and old to work together side by side.

  • A hidden working environment

Prefer compact storage when you have limited space. Then hide them with textiles such as curtains that will perfectly hide them or create a separate workspace.


small apartment storage ideas

  • Different activities in the same space

The sofa bed has the advantage of being a sofa during the day and a single (or double) bed at night, often with large drawers offering enough space to store blankets, pillows and sheets. A clever solution if you live in a small space.

The loft bed is a useful solution: the space below can be used to relax, do an activity, accommodate a loved one or even put in it for a second bed. A sofa bed used on a daily basis must have a mattress suitable for this use. Built-in storage saves space for storing bed linen. To save floor space, choose a wall shelf as a bedside table.

  • The bed can define the space

The bed can become a multifunctional work of art, a bed for sleeping, a sofa, storage and a room divider at the same time. When the bed is placed in the centre of the space, the walls can be used for open and closed storage, tables and seating. Free up floor space by maximizing storage solutions and utilizing wall height.

  • Share your room

When space is limited, several members of the same family can share their room. Create an atmosphere of peace, privacy and tranquillity, use textiles such as curtains to divide your spaces, always essential when everyone lives close together.

If the space under the bed allows it, add storage boxes with lids which will allow you to store extra things while preventing dust from entering.


With homes getting smaller and smaller, space has become a concern for many. Failing to push the walls, you have to go through all the rooms and take advantage of every nook and cranny, from floor to ceiling to store all your belongings.

You now know everything about how to save space in an apartment and now can begin with the space-saving tips suggested here.

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