How To Look For A Storage Unit In Houston?

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When relocating to another residence or simply decluttering their abodes, many homeowners rent self-storage units to keep stuff they don’t need immediately. Hoarding remains a major problem in the US, but no American city comes as close to hoarding as Houston. Ironically, the Space City is home to the country’s worst packrats and hence gets the nickname “clutter capital.” That’s why homeowners in Houston need to store this clutter in a storage facility.

But how to find the right self-storage unit for the memorabilia you’re stockpiling? This article covers some tips for finding a storage unit for your family. So, without further ado, here are ten factors to consider when renting a storage facility in Houston, TX:


Start looking for a storage unit in Houston by determining what size you need. If you have smaller items, e.g., books, garments, and documents, then there’s no need to lease an expensive large-sized unit. However, if you wish to store your furniture, paintings, vehicles, boats, and grandfather clocks, a large storage unit is a must-have. Also, you can upscale the unit in the future if more clutter takes up space in your house.


Whether you’re moving to or away from Houston, choosing a storage facility makes your relocation stress-free. For instance, if you’re a newcomer in Houston, rent a storage unit located nearby so you don’t have to drive too far just to get there. You can also choose a service provider with units scattered across different locations in the city. Contact Big Tex storage services to make space in your home. These guys at Big Tex cater to your personal and professional needs.



How long do you need a unit for? Some storage services offer discounts if you plan to rent storage space for a long time. Also, some storage units charge customers on a month-to-month basis, and others have a minimum rental period. So, consider this rental period before choosing any storage facilities nearby. This duration will also depend on your relocation or renovation plans.

4.Temperature control

Houston’s humid subtropical climate can be a nuisance to your valuables, so you must rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate-controlled units will protect your belongings from heat, humidity, moisture, dust, and pests.


Houston’s crime rate seems to be higher than the national average; surveys can show that you have a 1 in 24 chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Houston. So, you must take extra security measures by using technology to secure the premises. Self-storage facilities will provide you with first-rate protection, and they will guard your valuables by using these ways:

  • Keyless entrance with biometric verification
  • Camera surveillance all over the establishment
  • Alarm system to notify if a break-in happens somehow
  • Vigilant guards watching the premises 24/7 in different shifts


In October 2020, many cases of storage facility robberies were reported in North Texas. As per these reports, many cases of break-in burglaries took place in the Lone Star State. That’s why you must up the security by insuring your belongings. Usually, you can get $10,000 worth of coverage in just 8-38 dollars/month. Just watch out for expensive plans and choose cost-effective ones. Contact self-storage insurance companies to secure your valuables against any accidents or burglaries.


Expensive isn’t always the best, and cheap doesn’t mean poor service. So you should weigh the cost against the quality of service you’re getting in return. Choosing a low-priced storage unit wouldn’t be worth it if your stuff gets lost, stolen, or damaged. However, you can find numerous affordable, high-quality storage units in your city.


Storage facilities offer two types of contracts, i.e., full-service and self-service. As these names have indicated, a full-service contract provides more security by curbing your access so you’ll notify them before entering the unit you’re renting. But a full-service contract compensates for that by offering you free shipping; they shall carry your stuff and transport it to their facilities. However, self-service contracts won’t provide these perks. But you have complete access to your belongings instead.

Some Houston-based storage facility owners provide you with self-delivery trucks and the materials for packing your stuff. So, self-service contracts will give you more flexibility and independence.


Smart locks give you 24/7 access to your rented unit. If you’ve rented a storage facility with no smart locks available, then buy a quality padlock to ensure only you can access your unit. You should also make sure the self-storage company lets you on their premises even after midnight.
Statistics indicate that 10% of Americans rent storage units. So, there are 23 million individual self-storage units, as per statistics from 2018. In other words, you can easily find a storage facility based in Houston to give you complete access to your rented unit.


Read online reviews about the self-storage establishment you’re considering right now. These self-storage companies often have reliable reviews on their websites. But you can find more unbiased as well as independent reviews on Yelp and similar websites. Search on Reddit and ask folks on Quora to evaluate a certain storage company. Moreover, ask around your friends and family; maybe, they can direct you to a trustworthy storage company in Houston. So, seek their recommendations.


A survey by PR Newswire conducted in many cities, including Houston, shows that 48% of Americans have a clutter problem. Every 7th American cannot use a room because that room’s filled with clutter. So, you need to overcome this nasty habit of hoarding by renting a self-storage facility. Look around town to book a reliable storage unit where you can keep everything you neither use nor want to get rid of. Check storage units’ size, cost, condition, location, and security measures. With proper research, you’ll see storage providers offering you an incomparable storage experience.

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