Homeowning 101: Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

This post was last updated on June 17th, 2023 at 03:34 am

Maintaining a home means being properly prepared. From owning the right tools to stocking the correct chemicals for certain chores, the list of around-the-house items goes on and on. Of course, some of these items are more necessary than others. Below, we’ll go over a few of the essential tools every homeowner should have on hand.

One particular problem area of the house is the bathrooms. Whether there’s a leaky toilet or a squeaky sink faucet, homeowners should be equipped to handle the little repairs that pop up here from time to time. For example, a plunger may come in handy more frequently than expected. Used to remove clogs, these tools are great for remedying simple plumbing issues. Homeowners should have separate plungers for the sinks and toilets as they have slightly altered designs.

A combination wrench set is another helpful tool, not just for the bathroom but throughout the house. Wrenches are useful for opening and closing valves as well as a range of other jobs involving nuts and bolts. They come in standard and metric sizes, both of which are widely utilized making each variety a necessity. During use, it’s important to avoid over-tightening and to pull the wrench, instead of pushing as this offers the most leverage and control.

Along the same lines is an adjustable wrench. Albeit somewhat awkward to use, this tool is ideal for situations when two wrenches of the same size are needed. The key feature is jaws that tighten around a bolt or nut for a secure hold. Be careful when using this tool as it could damage the bolt or nut if not handled properly.

Other essential tools required for home projects of all scopes include a tape measure, claw hammer, torpedo level, and screwdriver set. When putting together furniture or hanging a shelf, these tools help ensure the result is as it should be with a level surface, uniform positioning, and tight screws. You’ll want to opt for a screwdriver set containing flathead and Phillips-head screwdrivers as both will be needed for upcoming projects.

Lastly, there are the safety essentials. Whenever using a power tool or even a hammer, you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. You should also have a pair of safety goggles around when you need to mix or handle certain chemicals. Another highly recommended safety device is a respirator. If you plan to cut wood, spray paint, or other similar activities where fine particles are in the air, a full- or half-face respirator is an effective way to better protect your respiratory health. Disposable safety masks can work fine for more everyday projects.

Part of the joys of homeowning is inevitably fixing things. Make sure you’re ready for whatever life throws your way with these essential tools. For further examples of the tools every homeowner should own, please see the accompanying resource.


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