Top Ideas For A Boho-Style Bedroom

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If a boho-style bedroom has long been your fantasy, well, we have you covered. In this article, we will look at how the interplay of patterns, textures, and colors can be used to create an eclectic look. For the uninitiated, the word “boho” refers to a carefree, relaxed, and yet aesthetically rich lifestyle. Short for bohemian, “boho” is often the blend of vintage and modern elements. It brings together earthy and glam for a unique infusion.

how you can lend a boho look and feel to your bedroom:

1. Incorporate Tropical Accents

Who wouldn’t want the feeling of being on vacation right in their bedroom? You can have a statement wallpaper with a bold leaf print. You can ditch the conventional nightstand or dressing table and instead opt for something more unique, say an elegant trunk exuding vintage appeal. You can hunt for these at furniture stores in Dubai.

2. Overboard Is Allowed

“Less is more”, need not be taken too seriously, especially when it comes to designing an attic bedroom with boho elements. Why not go all out with complementary colors to lend it a bright and cheerful feel? Choose the pillow covers with caution, as they can also make a lot of difference in accentuating or diluting the boho quotient of your bedroom.

3. Yellow Never Goes Wrong

Coziness and warmth are indispensable in a bedroom, boho or not. You can go for textured throw pillows and blankets with tassels to not only add oodles of character to the bedroom but also give it a pop of color. Yellow won’t let you down when it comes to these bedroom essentials. For a more collected touch, get hold of some well-chosen artwork for the wall adjacent to your dressing table.

4. Neutrals Are The Safest Bet

If you thought you only needed bright colors for a boho-styled bedroom, well, not really. You can instead design a serene hideaway by having natural textures. Make sure a simple, upholstered bed is the focal point, and you can use a nightstand or an accent chair to complement it. To further amp up the coziness, you can use textured bamboo blinds.

5. Introduce Hotel-Like Elements

For a hotel-style bedroom that follows the boho code, you can have a velvet tufted headboard to team up wonderfully with delicate wallpaper. A pendant light will work great in such a bedroom by enhancing the room’s sense of harmony and continuity. Check out the best furniture stores in Dubai for these eye-catching picks.

6. Experiment With Jewel Tones

You can explore a jewel-toned color palette that comprises teal, brass, and purple hues. Why not break the mold and create a fusion amongst different themes such as floral, animal prints, stripes, ikat, geometric, and more? With the right layering, your bedroom will turn out to be better than you had ever imagined! It’s all about creating a layered look with a hint of playfulness.

7. Whimsical Touch

A whimsical bedroom will flaunt vibrant animal prints and patterned pillows. You can’t give miss a funky shelf, a fair share of tapestry, a gallery wall, and some framed artwork. The bed itself should be all about bold patterns, comfy textures, vivacious colors, and so on.

8. A Hint Of Sophistication

You can deck up your bedroom with understated accessories to give it a laidback vibe with oodles of boho charm. If you have a fireplace, have a butterfly chair just beside it. Get hold of a unique chandelier, a distressed wood bench, a chunky throw, and some burlap pillow covers to complete the look of your bedroom.

9. Some Blue To Drive Away Your Blues

Say if you have a navy blue upholstered headboard, you should go for white walls for a neutral backdrop. Make sure the throw pillows and blankets to uphold the blue color scheme. Put a couple of woven baskets next to the bed, while the ceiling fan looks the best in a matte black shade.

10. Bright And Airy Is Timeless

White walls can look the brightest if you choose to team them up with colorful accents! Yes, we’re talking about pillows, throws, and wool rugs. You can also have a bright blanket for a striking contrast against the neutral base. A large rattan pendant light overhead will go well with the white walls and light wood floors.

Boho style is for people who have an inclination towards an unconventional lifestyle; mostly writers, actors, travelers, and anyone who belongs to the creative field are drawn to bohemian elements. There’s hardly a better way to make this style your own than to have your bedroom remodeled with boho bits. Consider exploring the above styles for a quirky and out-of-the-box bedroom that you’ll fall in love with.

In case you do not want to go for a complete overhaul, you can repurpose the old yet meaningful objects that remind you of your favorite memories, maybe souvenirs from the countries you’ve visited or anything that reflects your individuality. Top it up with some new purchases from furniture stores in Dubai. After all, a little retail therapy never hurts, right? At the end of the day, a boho bedroom should be all about telling your story. Your friends and family will also be left awestruck with your bedroom makeover.

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