7 Effective Tips to Prevent and Ease the Aches and Pains of Traveling

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Whether traveling by train, automobile, or plane, there is a likelihood of feeling pains and aches from sitting in a restricted space for an extensive period. If you suffer from chronic pain, your travels can intensify your symptoms.

It is essential to see a chiropractor a few days before your scheduled trip. A chiropractic visit ahead of time can help control your discomfort while traveling. Here are some practical tips to help you avoid body pain, whether traveling by plane or car.

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Get Comfortable

Immediately you get in your means of transportation, get comfortable. Make sure that nothing in your pockets can push against your back and spine, and put a spongy pillow between your back and the seat.

If you are the driver, push close to the steering wheel while still relaxed and calm. This will avoid having to bend or strain your back and hips while driving. Make sure your back is aligned with the seat and your feet are on the floor.

To increase support to the contour of the inward curve in your lower back, use a spongy pillow between your lower back and the seat. Also, many specialized cushions and pillows can help with backache pain and lower back pain.

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Move Around

If you are driving, make sure to stop at intervals to get out, stretch and walk around. Sitting for long can cause back and leg muscles to harden up, so stretching and walking will help to relax your muscles.

Similarly, if you are on a train or plane, walk through the cabin when allowed. This will help keep muscles loose and blood circulating. When possible, try to move within your seat. Even 20 seconds of stretching and movement is better than sitting still.

At least adjust your seat and shift your position slightly every 20 to 30 minutes. Push your ankles to keep the blood flowing and give a slight stretch in your muscles. Any slight movement that is safe to do in the seat will help out.

travel safety tipsUse of CBD

For people experiencing chronic pain, CBD oil is increasingly gaining acceptance as a natural method of pain relief.

CBD oil might help reduce chronic pain in part by controlling inflammation. Additionally, CBD oil encourages sounder sleep and treats sleep disruption experienced mainly by people with chronic pain. You can check out CBD oil UK.

Counseling can help with pain

Pain can make you grumpy, anxious, depressed, and tired. This can worsen the pain, making you get into a downward spiral. Living with pain can be challenging, and you can be your own worst enemy by being obstinate, not pacing your activities every day, and not accepting your limitations.

Several people find it beneficial to get assistance from a hypnotherapist, counselor, or psychologist to learn how to manage their emotions according to their pain.

Support your back with your feet

Supporting your spine begins with bottom-up leverage from your feet. Your feet need to be positioned on a stable surface and at the correct height to avoid shifting stress to your lower back. It is crucial to have your knees at a right angle.

This implies if your seat is too high, it is best to put your feet on a footrest. If you are the driver and can practice cruise control for a longer drive, you may need to do this to allow you to have both feet on the floor at intervals.

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Employ diversions from pain

Having something organized to throw your attention off the pain could make a big difference. Even if you are the driver, there are still a few options to help occupy your mind securely. Try music, download or listen to a podcast, or listen to a lecture or an audiobook.

Passengers have various choices, such as watching a show, playing an electronic game, reading, solving a sudoku or crossword puzzle, meditating.

Try heat cold or cold therapy

Many find that applying cold or heat therapy can ease the pain on a long road trip. Cold therapy can help control inflammation and swelling. Think of bringing a cooler to stock reusable ice packs or other cold therapy packs.

You can either buy cold therapy packs in stores or make your own. Heat therapy can help boost blood flow and relax the muscles. Different types of heat therapy are available to buy, such as heat pads or heat wraps.

Some people choose to place a moist heat pack in the microwave to warm when they go on the trip. You should apply ice or heat for at most 20 minutes at a time, then give your skin time to recover for a couple of hours before the next application.

For drivers, you should apply cold or heat therapy while on a break from driving. Since you cannot check the skin while going, it is hard to ensure that the skin does not get compromised during an application of cold or heat therapy.

Bottom line

If long drives give you backache, you may want to consider taking over-the-counter drugs before you head for your trip to reduce the risk of back pain developing or worsening. Additionally, you can carry a pillow to help with your comfort.

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