5 Different Types Of Corner Protection Guards

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Corner Protection Guards

It is more crucial to safeguard your walls than you may imagine. If you employ corner protection guards from Rootex effectively, you will be able to keep your walls safe while moving objects around and engaging in other activities. These guards are frequently used in commercial buildings and development enterprises to assist keep things on schedule. Take a look at these five different types of corner guards to see what’s available on the market.

Five different types of corner guards

  • 1. Clear corner protection guards:-

The clear corner protection guards will be the most cost-effective option. People employ these guards to give safety for their walls without drawing attention to themselves. This kind of clear guard will show through paint or wallpaper, making it a very practical alternative.

These guards are simply composed of clear plastic, but they have excellent damage resistance permitting them to effectively safeguard your walls.

  • 2. Coloured Corner Guards:-

If you understand where to search, you can also locate a colored corner guard. These corner guards are great for hiding any existing harm on your walls. You may even have these manufactured to match your wallpaper or paint color scheme.

They will blend perfectly with your walls while giving the necessary security. Guards like this are constructed of the same plastic as the clear guards discussed earlier.

  • 3. Metal Corner Guards:-

Metal guards are the heavy-duty form of protection that you will require for specific operations. Metal guards will be used to protect objects safe in regions where there is a high chance of high impacts. These guards are sometimes used in places like hospitals and warehouses to prevent carts or other things from harming the walls by accident.

In several industrial kitchens, metal guards are also typical. Aluminum and stainless steel are the two most prevalent metal guards.

  • 4. Rubber Corner Guards:-

Another type you’ll come across when researching your options is rubber corner guards. This sort of protection is commonly utilized in warehouse loading areas, storage facilities, and other locations where regular collisions are expected. Rubber is extremely flexible, and it’s sometimes made to be rather thick.

It’s ideal for absorbing the force of a forklift or big boxes being driven into it because of this. These guards may not appear to be outstanding, yet they assist numerous organizations in avoiding costly repairs.

  • 5. Retainer Corner Guards:-

Retainer corner guards are guards that come in two pieces and are referenced as such. A retainer will be attached to the wall, followed by a plastic component that snaps into place. This will be excellent at absorbing strikes, with the outer component receiving the brunt of the force.



The quality of the corner protection guards is an important issue to consider. The grade of corner guards is usually specified by a range based on the type you select. For example, the durability of stainless steel corner guards is determined by the metal gauge and grade utilized.

A larger gauge number indicates that the product used is thinner. Steel metal quality varies as well, with the most popular method being Type 304, which is the industry standard, as opposed to Type 430, which is substandard and very corrosive.

Conclusion:- You will be in a superior situation to make an educated judgment if you keep the above ideas in mind the next time you are buying corner protection guards from vendors or Corner Guards Suppliers.

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